How can we help?

What is Mobile Tech RX?

Mobile Tech RX is an innovative mobile estimating and invoicing software designed specifically for the automotive reconditioning industry.

Which services are supported by Mobile Tech RX?

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR), paint and wheels. Interior, glass, and detailing will be added soon. Please visit the features page to view screenshots and release dates of those additional service screens.

What does S.M.A.R.T stand for?

Small to Medium Area Repair Technique, which encompasses most cosmetic auto recon services.

Which devices are compatible with mobile tech RX?

Apple iPad, iPad mini, iPhone (iOS 8 or newer) and Android tablets with a minimum 5mp rear camera (optimized for the Samsung Tab S and Google Nexus 9). Android phone versions to be released as well.

How do i contact mobile tech RX?

You can send an email to, call 1-888-626-6750, message us on our Facebook page, or fill in the contact us form on our website.

Is my info secure?

Very secure! We use Stripe to execute transactions so your payment information is never stored. In addition, your data will only be accessed if necessary to resolve a tech support issue.

I forgot my password, what to do?

You can reset your password by touching the “forgot password” link on the sign-in screen in the app, or on the admin portal sign-in page. You may also click here to reset your password.

How do i cancel my account?

Login to your admin portal. Click the “Subscription” tab on the left. Click “Cancel”. Your subscription will remain active until the end of your billing cycle.

If i cancel and reactivate later, will my data still be there?

Yes, your information will always be available to you in the future. At any point in the future you can reactivate your subscription by logging in to your admin portal and going to the “Subscription” tab. Before clicking the “Reactivate” button, ensure that your payment information is up to date by viewing the card(s) you have on file.

Does mobile tech RX work offline?

Mobile Tech RX requires an internet connection to function properly. If your iPad or Android tablet is not cellular enabled, and you do not have access to a wifi connection, then you may use your cellphone’s personal hotspot feature to tether your tablet to.