The auto reconditioning industry is a competitive and crowded market. For your business to be successful, you have to set yourself apart from your competition. One way that an auto recon business can do this is by partnering with auto dealerships. However, dealerships are looking for full-service reconditioning partners. Your business will likely need to partner with another local auto repair shop to provide the full spectrum of services.

With Mobile Tech RX, this is easier than ever. We offer Workflow tools that make creating estimates easier, and a Scheduling feature which expedites repair times and improves communication. Earn more and improve your relationships with dealerships and subcontractors alike by using Mobile Tech RX.

Managing Dynamic Relationships with Dealerships

Mobile Tech RX has a Workflow feature that makes it easy to partner with dealerships. The app allows your company to enter flat rates for dealerships in the admin portal. These rates are separate from retail client rates. By setting dealership rates ahead of time, you’ll be able to keep prices consistent and improve your relationship with dealerships.

The app also helps you service vehicles faster so you’ll look more professional and earn more. You can start by scanning each car’s VIN to quickly upload vehicle information into the app. Then, you’ll be able to create an estimate in no time with the preset rates. You can also send invoices to the dealership and collect a signature directly from the app.

Seamless Communication with Subcontractors

In the auto recon industry, there will be times when adding subcontractors is the smartest choice. Your clients may demand a service you don’t provide. Omit the need to hire additional techs or reconstruct your business plan to include these services. Instead, partner with another company to get the work done faster and at a lower cost to your business.

Unfortunately, this can make communication complicated. Keeping track of which services have been completed on which cars and whether invoices and payments were received becomes overwhelming. Enter Scheduling with Mobile Tech RX. This feature within our app shows company-wide visibility but also helps you sync with subcontractors.

The app shows which vehicles are being serviced at specific times. The feature allows you to create appointments, send reminders, and schedule a service time all in one place. The feature also includes a calendar that you can view by day, week, or month. View which technicians have been assigned to a repair – whether they’re techs on your team or a subcontractor.

As an admin, you pay the subscription fees for any additional techs added to your count. Subcontractors already have their own Mobile Tech RX account so there is no additional cost to your business. And yet, with no additional cost, you’ll both be able to earn more.

Efficiency for Everyone

For car dealerships, it makes a lot of sense to contract out a package of auto recon services. Looking for individual service would come at a higher cost, is more confusing, and more time-consuming for dealerships. Dealerships are looking for the ease and simplicity of an all-in-one model.

From dents, to paint touch-ups, to detailing, it is unrealistic for your business to perform every service. That’s why partnering with a subcontractor will be highly beneficial, especially with the help of Mobile Tech RX.

We make working with both dealerships and subcontractors easier. With the ease of creating consistent estimates for dealerships, you’ll be able to service vehicles in record time. Scheduling helps you communicate the entire process with your internal techs and your subcontractors. When everyone is on the same page and has full visibility, you’ll both look more professional.

Make Your Life Easier With Mobile Tech RX

If you want to take your auto reconditioning business to the next level, you’ll need to partner with dealerships. Dealerships are in constant need of auto reconditioning for their entire lot of cars. Adding subcontractors allows your recon business to provide the full spectrum of services to dealerships. Mobile Tech RX makes scheduling, communicating, and checking in vehicles easier as you partner with dealerships and subcontractors.

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