Your Certification Badge

Step 12: Share Your Badge!

Congrats! You finished the online Mobile Tech RX Certification class. You are now officially certified to use the #1 business management tool for auto recon professionals. Follow the steps below to save and start sharing your Mobile Tech RX Certification badge.

Step 1 – Save Your Badge

Right click the image above and click ‘Save’.

Step 2 – Add the Badge to Your Website

Add your certification badge to your website and add your referral program link to it. (If anyone clicks the link in your badge and signs up for a free trial then becomes a customer, we’ll send you $200.) To get your unique referral link, go to our Referral Program page.

Step 3 – Share Your Certification on Social Media

Boost your credibility and let your friends and social networks know about your new achievement! Copy and paste this update with your badge to your social media accounts:

“I’m officially certified to use the Mobile Tech RX app for auto recon! Check out my new certification!”