Mobile Auto Paint Repair App

COMING SOON (winter 2016)

R&I - Remove and Install

Toggle the default hours to “off” if you just want to notate R&I items needed, or toggle to “on” if you would like to add R&I money to your estimate/invoice.

Our rates are based on industry averages yet can be adjusted to match insurance paperwork.

COMING SOON (summer 2016): Vehicle specific R&i times.

Comparative Pricing/X-Ray
Photos for Auto Techs

View comparative panel replacement costs for most vehicles (2005-current). Panel cost is computed based on OEM part price and includes all associated labor, paint, blend and R&I.

Comparative Pricing also gives you access to an aluminum and HSS database along with helpful tips and repair notes.

Get a behind-the-scenes look into bracing issues and access points with the X-ray Photos feature.

Watch the Comparative Pricing tutorial video.

AVAILABILTY (North American users only)


Ability to add parts and tax them independently from labor.

COMING SOON (spring 2017): Pre-loaded panel part items. (pictured)


Add and label as many photos as you’d like! Photos are linked to emailed estimates and invoices.