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Paul Kordon

“Mobile Tech RX (MTRX) is the only software you need for your PDR business and here’s why:

MTRX is perfect for any company looking for a comprehensive solution to writing robust estimates, work orders, and invoices. It’s user interface is so intuitive and works flawlessly with iPhone and iPad products.

Using this software is the quickest way for me to write a solid estimate without paper and with the Comparative Pricing feature I can check on conventional repair prices, see photos of vehicles, and even get substrate information all before ever touching the vehicle.

So do yourself a favor and sign up for Mobile Tech RX today!”

Shane Jacks

Dent Pro Upstate

Mobile Tech RX has greatly simplified our billing and estimating system which saves lots of time. No matter what device you’re using it on, mobile or tablet, it works great! Tons of features, too. Wouldn’t, slash that, COULDN’T do without it now.

We’ve been reluctant to switch to electronic invoicing but finally decided to give this a try after another vendor showed us the app. We tested it side by side for a week and have already switched over to Mobile Tech full time. We have 5 paint trucks that service dealerships 5 days a week and a fixed retail spot that specializes in bumper repair. This software fit in seamlessly with our operation and all of our paint techs figured it out after the first day of using it (which was our main concern). Great product, super helpful phone support, keep up the great work fellas!

Mobile Tech RX has enabled our company to streamline our estimating and accounting system. It has allowed us to have comprehensive estimates for not only our retail clients but also insurance companies while looking the utmost professional either by Mobile service or in our shop. It is one convenient app with easy to navigate screens, tabs and customizable columns; PDR, Bumper repair and Wheel repair catered to exactly what services we offer. The ever adapting MTRX will add to your bottom line by not leaving money on the table while making your business more efficient.

Mobile Tech RX has completely streamlined our wheel repair business. Wheel Recon began as a one man band and has grown to having multiple technicians and a fixed location which created a constant battle with paper work and efficiency.

Hand writing invoices which the dealers would lose, resending last months invoices again “when I got back to the office”. Techs with sloppy handwriting and missing invoices. Paying a bookkeeper to log it all in and slowly pay my techs and sending statements late. It was a mess!

I now can run my business from a tablet or phone taking care of all accounting aspects the second an issue comes up. Mobile Tech RX is specifically designed for our industry and offers something that multiple other accounting softwares have not be able to. It scans VINs, creates proper estimates with a detailed service description, which I can then print or email to multiple departments which has sped up the process for turning invoices in and receiving Ro’s/ PO’s. Then to top it all off we are able to control access for technicians and see daily reports! Each month that has gone by we can’t describe enough of how MTRX has brought professionalism and control for our techs, managers, accountants, and my self, the founder of Wheel Recon.

I didn’t realize what I was missing, so much better than using paper. We primarily do dealer work all over town and Mobile Tech RX helps me manage the chaos 100 times better than before. Each one of my guys is hooked in to my company on their phone and I can track work in real-time and never lose invoices. Best part is monthly statements are created and sent out in a matter of minutes. A task that used to take me all day Saturday. Thank gawd for MTRX!!!

I had never even considered using software before because none of the invoicing systems had anything for wheels. When I first started using Mobile Tech RX, I was immediately impressed with all of the features and options built in specifically for the wheel industry. As I slowly started using it at a few dealerships, I couldn’t believe how much time and hassle it saved me with my customers. I just email the signed invoice to the accounting department immediately after a manager signs it.
This software is packed with features designed specifically for the wheel repair technician and is super user friendly

I have been using the app since February 2016 and love it. It’s so easy to get a customer’s approval to repair a wheel when you can show them a picture of the damage right there in their office. It has also added to our credibility when customers are trying to get their damage repaired by their insurance company. We can email a professional estimate with pictures of the damaged wheel included. And for me, it is so easy to create an invoice, bill by customer and track sales. Your app has been exactly what I was looking for and I’ve enjoyed the continued improvements.

Mobile Tech RX has been one of the best tools I have implemented in my business by far. It has streamlined my book keeping while increasing my revenue by providing proper estimates that customers and adjusters can easily understand. I have been using it exclusively for the past year and can recall numerous times that the customer and adjusters both have stated how impressed they have been by the professional estimates generated by this app. The comparative pricing feature is without equal and has easily made me thousands in revenue this year. This app also continues to get better as they add new features and improve on existing ones and offer world class customer service. Can’t recommend this app enough to my fellow PDR techs!

After demoing ALL of the “PDR” friendly apps we have found that not only is Mobile Tech RX an intuitive program but also extremely easy to use whether running 1 tech or 100 techs. The features from estimating with the ability to pick different pricing matrices on the fly to invoicing with the integration of Quickbooks, relieve a lot of stress for techs but also cuts down on the work load my back office and myself deal with. Thank you Mobile Tech RX!

I’ve been using MTRX since it was in beta testing and I cannot believe the difference it has made in my business. Using MTRX has allowed us to go completely paperless which in turn has made our accounting so much more efficient and questions about invoices or estimates can be handled immediately instead of digging through stacks of paper. The estimates and invoices that are generated by MTRX are very clean and professional, we’ve had supplements approved over the phone. MTRX literally pays for itself every single month. If you aren’t using it, you’re losing money.

I absolutely love MTRx! I’ve been using it since January 2016 and it is worth every penny! I have my own retail shop and I am in a hail-prone area. MTRx has been a tremendous help in writing proper hail estimates and supplements. It took my estimating skills to a whole new level. The program has paid for itself many times over. If you’re not using it you’re losing money!

When I started HCS Inc. in dec of 2015 I was looking for an estimating software that would do all of the above.I looked high and low for this software until I found MTRX. Its almost 2 years later and I love this software and definitely know I made the right choice. We run everything our business does through this amazing program. The customer service is outstanding. I couldn’t ask for better and I can be hard to please. If I have a problem its fixed super fast and has me back to work without missing a beat. I can’t say enough about MTRX but to say if your looking to increase your bottom line and stream line your estimates, work orders, and invoicing you can’t go wrong with MTRX. Even if your running a multi-tech operation it even breaks down tech pay per car and figures their percentage in the final number.. Simply amazing and simply does it all.

Mobile Tech RX is hands down one of the best tools in my company’s arsenal. We have experience using it for wholesale, retail and hail applications and it works. It makes us more money. Our customers compliment us on our use of technology to be more professional. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to bring their company up to a higher level. You won’t regret it!

MTRX helped me take my PDR business to another level! The finishing touch for that professional image. Makes invoicing and data so much easier and faster. Never question repeat repairs on cars with the scan device. Love it! Their customer support is second to none! Very happy!

We talk about tools in our box that we “use everyday”, that is no lie with Mobile Tech RX. I can’t think of another tool that can make my CPA happy, impress a new body shop account, and help close the deal on a high end retail customer all in the same day. I’ve never had difficulty getting in touch with tech support, they answer every time. Unlike, other apps, they truly are constantly looking and asking for input to make it better than it already is. I get stressed out just the thought of ever going back to “paper”. If I need to trim expenses it will never be Mobile Tech RX.

IFS would like to thank all of the guys at MTRX that have put their time and energy into the development of this software. This app is superior and very easy to use compared to everything we have tried. MTRX has helped streamline our paperwork process on wholesale deals making sure every dime is accounted for and all payments are correct to our technicians. On the retail side, it has made every supplement approved quicker and faster by having a professional estimating process that is very clear and easy to read. It is what the business side of our industry has been missing. Look like a professional and leave your competitors behind. If you are not using MTRX you are costing yourself time and money. It will pay for itself over and over again. Thank you again, to all the guys at MTRX for bringing such a valuable missing piece to our industry.

I’m a huge fan of Mobile Tech RX. The software helped out tremendously when our area was hit with multiple hail storms this summer. We were able to write very accurate and detailed estimates quickly and easily share them with technicians, contractors, body shops, adjusters, and policy holders. The software is super clean and easy to learn. I personally love the iPhone version. It allows me to have access to all my estimates/invoices in the palm of my hand. I can quickly update and email copies to anyone with the touch of a button. If you are looking to go digital with your hail estimates and invoicing I highly recommend Mobile Tech RX. It will make you way more efficient and take some of the stress out of managing a local hailstorm.

Looking for a professional software app to help you produce a proper retail, wholesale, or hail estimate/invoice? Mobile Tech RX has it all. Easy to use interface, excellent way to keep track of invoices, and even tabulates reports according to your specifications. This software dramatically reduced my paperwork hours spent in home office, thus giving me more time to spend with my family and that is huge for me.

Plus the support team backing this app is just plain awesome!

I was hesitant to try Mobile Tech RX because I had a paper system that worked. However, looking back over the past year and a half, I have no idea how I lived without. My dealerships love it, because they can easily see the prices before accepting. Accounts Payable love it, because I just shoot them an email. I love it because I can create client lists with all of my retail customers: This is my power-base for rewards and keeping in touch with them and thanking them. This results in more sales, more 5 star reviews, etc. Also, it’s a great bargaining chip when standing in front of a hail adjuster. It makes my life easier when it comes to doing taxes also. Everything is simply uploaded to Quicken and my accountant has everything he needs. Really and truly, if you own a dent repair company, you need this application.

We are finding Mobile Tech RX to be a very valuable tool for our business! Its easy to use and makes invoicing and estimating seamless. It has increased our bottom line utilizing the retail pricing and its also great that we can use the insurance matrix as needed, which saves us time and hassle of rewriting the numbers! Than you for a great product!

This app is awesome! It’s easy to use and helps my business stay on top of my competition! My wholesale accounts and dealers love it! The technical support is absolutely fantastic! I call, and someone answers all my questions! This is the best new tool I have bought for 2016! Great job guys!

Mobile Tech RX has become an indispensable tool in our company. It is clean and easy to navigate, which translates to greater efficiency and less time waster. Secondly, in an industry where business is often run in a fairly crude manor, this software ads a level of professionalism that helps our business stand out. On top of all that, Mobile Tech RX is top tier in all regards and will leave no stone unturned to make sure they put the best possible product out.

I recently began using Mobile Tech RX after subcontracting for a company that was using it. I immediately saw the many benefits that this estimating/invoicing system offered and its ease in using it. Although I had an electronics system in place already it was separate of my hail estimating system. After realizing all that Mobile Tech RX could do it was an easy choice to change over to it. I have increased my hail estimate prices and my door dent estimates are complete and professional looking leaving no room for customers or insurance adjusters room to wonder where the prices come from. Along with a great product the tech support is outstanding. I am not tech savvy so when questions have risen the support line is always quick to respond and help me. Not only to fix what I had done incorrectly but to educate me on the proper way to do something. All in all a big thanks to Mobile Tech RX for helping to increase my bottom line.

The cleanest and most effective estimates I have ever written!

When the tightest insurance adjuster in town approves your car without a single question, you know you are working with the finest estimating software in the business. I get compliments from just about every insurance adjuster and body shop writer who reviews my Mobile Tech RX estimates! They appreciate how simple, clean and detailed the estimates are and this provides me with a HUGE confidence boost!! And a profit boost!! Mobile Tech RX delivers exactly that and more!! The interface is easy to use, every estimate ever written is at my fingertips, customer support is crazy fast and very helpful.

Thanks guys – this IS the killer app for my PDR business!!

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