Accept Credit Cards with Mobile Tech RX Payments

Set Up Payments

Accept Payments Faster with No Withheld Funds

  • Get money quickly instead of Square holding 30% of your income hostage
  • Get approved to use Mobile Tech RX Payments almost instantly
  • Save time using one platform for the entire customer experience
  • Collect payment with a credit card reader or through email
  • Protect against chargebacks with evidence of repair
  • Accept tips when customers pay in-app or through Admin Portal

Use a Credit Card Reader to Make Payment Simple

Let customers pay in-person with an easy-to-use Bluetooth credit card reader. You can pick yours up in your Admin Portal by clicking “Order Card Reader”. Once the reader is connected to your app, customers can swipe, insert, or scan to pay for the job before they leave.

It makes customers feel a part of the process.”

Rachel Tovar – Front Range Automotive Solutions

Credit Card Rates with Transparent Fees

Accept any major debit card, credit card, or offline payment with Mobile Tech RX Payments, and only pay when you get paid. Instead of building invoices in one place and accepting payment in another, simplify the experience by doing it all in one place. Our rates vary by how your customers pay and help us cover the costs of protecting you from fraud.

Payments Made with Card Reader

When the card is swiped, tapped, or chipped with a card reader.

2.7% + 10¢

Payments Made Online

When the card is entered online by the customer via an emailed invoice.

2.9% + 30¢

Payments Made Manually

When the card is entered manually or entered by staff in the Admin Portal.

3.5% + 30¢

From Estimate –> Money-in-the-Bank. All In One App.

How To Accept Cards in Mobile Tech RX Payments

Take Payment from the App

You’ll see a blue button in the bottom right of every invoice that says “Payment”. Click the button to manually enter your client’s credit card information.

Take Payment with Email

For a contactless approach, email the invoice to the client. They can click the payment button on the email and add their credit card information.

Take Payment with a CC Reader

Use a Stripe credit card reader to accept payment in-person. Connect your reader to the app and insert, swipe, or scan cards to accept payment.

Getting Started with Mobile Tech RX Payments

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I set up Mobile Tech RX Payments?
  • Update your app in the Apple App or Google Play Store. Click here to go to your new Credit Card Processing page. Click “Connect Stripe” and complete the process.

  • Can I accept tips with Payments?
  • Yes! Customers can easily add tips when you accept payment in the app or Admin Portal. To turn tips on, go to the Company Info page in your Admin Portal, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the toggle to “Activate Tips on Payments”.

  • What’s the best credit card processing solution for a small business?
  • Mobile Tech RX Payments is perfect for auto reconditioning businesses because we offer low fees, simple pricing, and an invoicing workflow in one app. With other options, you have to piece together multiple solutions and go from one app to another to close an invoice. With our Payments, you can go from estimate to money-in-the-bank faster than ever.

  • Do I need a credit card reader?
  • You don’t. Customers can manually enter or input their credit card information online without using a card reader. You can also email the invoice to each customer and they can pay using their own device.

  • How much does it cost to use Mobile Tech RX Payments?
  • Payments comes with your Mobile Tech RX subscription. No additional subscription payments are necessary to use our credit card processing. When you charge a credit or debit card with Mobile Tech RX, we take a small fee of the transaction in exchange for managing the system.

  • How do I process a refund?
  • On the Credit Card Processing page of your Admin Portal, you can see review each charge and process refunds by clicking the “Refund” button.

  • How do I connect my bank account?
  • When you apply to start using Mobile Tech RX Payments, you’ll be prompted to enter your bank information including routing and account numbers. Once you’re approved, your bank account will automatically be connected!

  • What types of credit cards does Mobile Tech RX accept?
  • We accept all major credit and debit cards. The rate remains the same whether your customer is paying with Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

  • How safe is it to process payments?
  • We are equipped with bank level security to keep your information as well as your customers information safe and secure.

    All cards processed through Mobile Tech RX are encrypted on disk with AES-256. The decryption keys are stored on a separate device. This means that as soon as a customer’s card is scanned using the Mobile Tech RX mobile app or input into the Admin Portal, it is secured and unretrievable by the user.

  • Where can I view my transactions?
  • You’ll see every transaction in your Admin Portal on the Credit Card Processing page.

  • How do I take a credit card within the Mobile Tech RX app?
  • If you want to take payment from the app on your phone or tablet, now you can! When you have an invoice pulled up, you’ll see a blue button in the bottom right that says “Payment”. If you click that button it will take you to a screen to enter credit card information from your customer to pay and close out the invoice. Read this article to get more details.

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