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Keep your business organized with one tool instead of many. Here’s how to start using Scheduling in the Mobile Tech RX app:

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It's Time to Get Rid of Other Calendars, Spreadsheets & Apps

You should expect more from your calendar. Mobile Tech RX Scheduling can help you book appointments, start an estimate, send appointment reminders, assign employees to jobs, and manage your team with one app. If you can't run each job from your calendar, it's not good enough for your growing business.

  • View customer appointments and employee schedules in one place
  • Increase hold rate by sending reminders from the calendar view
  • Start an estimate while scheduling their appointment
  • Maximize your team's efficiency with one app that handles the entire customer workflow

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a one-person company or you’ve got 100 people working for you. Using Scheduling is going to make you better. It’s going to make you more money. It’s going to make you more organized. It’s going to make you more reliable."

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Eric Garves
CEO and Co-Founder of Mobile Tech RX

Share Visibility with your Team

See every customer appointment and employee job in one view. See which service is being done and how busy you are at a glance.

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Start an Estimate While You Schedule the Appointment

Stop adding appointments to the calendar, opening another app for estimates, another to send a text, and another to accept payment. Scheduling does it all.

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Text Customers from the Calendar

Send text reminders from Scheduling to increase your hold rate. Use the appointment as the base for customer communication.

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How to Get Started with Scheduling

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Do my employees need a Mobile Tech RX account to assign them work and see their Schedules?
  • Yes. You’ll only be able to see individual calendars if they’re Mobile Tech RX users and are under your company’s account. We recognize individual users by their unique logins. If you’re sharing logins or not giving your employees Mobile Tech RX accounts, you won’t be able to assign jobs and track their progress. We highly recommend adding employees to your account so you can see every job in one place in Scheduling.

  • Does Scheduling integrate with other calendars?
  • It doesn’t… yet. A great scheduling tool is more than a calendar. We believe you should be able to text your customer, assign work, and build an estimate all from the event view. Copying appointments to other calendars overcomplicates scheduling, limits company-wide visibility, and forces you to bounce back-and-forth to talk to customers. We chose not to integrate so you didn’t need another calendar. Scheduling is the only one that lets you manage a job straight from the event.

  • Can I add Scheduling to my website to let customers book themselves?
  • Not yet. But we’re working on a feature that will do this better than any other tool out there. For now, we want you to have full control of the customer experience, so we limited frustrations they might encounter before they talk to you. If your calendar was too full or didn’t have the right time available, a website visitor might never book.

  • Do I have to pay extra to use Scheduling?
  • No! It’s included in every Mobile Tech RX pricing plan. Just select the plan that works for your business and you’ll automatically get Scheduling.

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