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How Matt Moore Measures ROI with Analytics

Matt is the proud owner of a successful auto reconditioning business. Watch him show how he uses Analytics to make smarter decisions for his business. (Don’t miss how he invests marketing dollars to acquire more customers!)


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Mobile Tech RX
Pen & Paper
Out-of-the-box reports for every service
Sort and filter by date, client, invoice, and service
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Tech Detail and Rankings measures employee efficiency
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More Analytics Features

Overview Reporting
Get insights in seconds with Overview reports. We’ve added the most popular reports to your dashboard to get you started.
Location-Based Reporting
Growing businesses often have multiple locations. Compare your performance data across regions so you can identify the right opportunities as you grow.
Parts Reporting
If you buy parts within our app, you can track your purchases across the company. Stay organized, form trusted partnerships, and manage budgets.
Clients Reporting
Client reporting helps predict performance based on their percentage of revenue. Identify top clients and adjust strategies to attract more.
Real-Time Access
Ambitious business owners don’t like surprises. Your data is always up-to-date so you’re always on top of where you’re headed.
Custom and Out-of-the-Box
Other tools either offer templates or charge thousands for custom reporting. We provide both. Build any report to test any hypothesis.
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