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New! Manage the Chaos with Scheduling

This is no ordinary calendar – it has access to customers, cars, estimates, and texts. Schedule and assign every job in one place.

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Thousands of detailers have tried Mobile Tech RX. Read how they're using automated marketing, CRM organization, payment processing, quality checklists, and professional customer workflows to take their business to the next level. Your customers run their lives with technology. Impress them with innovation and be the most successful detailer in your market.

Integrity Detail Specialists

Dan Plautz Uses Mobile Tech RX to Validate His Value and Pricing

Inspire Detailing

Sean Mara and Seth Bailey Manage their Business with our All-in-One Tool

UltraShine Auto Detailing

Michael Green Uses the Detailing App to Upgrade His Mobile Business

Exactly what I was looking for to secure pricing, workflow, and financials.”

Dan Plautz - Integrity Detail Specialists

The First Detailing App with Perfect Estimates

Grow your business with Perfect Estimates that increase revenue and educate your customers in real-time. This is the only app that actually helps you make more money.

From Estimate to Payment in One App

We built Mobile Tech RX Payments to help you streamline your operations with the industry’s first all-in-one app. Accept all major debit and credit cards and accept tips with the same tool you used to build the estimate.

Reasons to Switch

Mobile Tech RX
Shop Monkey
Housecall Pro
Road FS
Pen & Paper
Perfect Estimates
Built for Detailers
VIN Scanning
Automated Texts
Document Damage
Estimate & QA Checklists
Credit Card Processing
New! Scheduling
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More Detailing Features

Pre-Loaded Pricing Packages
Build your menu of work once and move quickly through accurate estimates of new jobs for cars, planes, and more.
QuickBooks Integration
Stop downloading and uploading invoices. Mobile Tech RX integrates with QuickBooks so all of your systems work together smoothly.
Automated Customer Reminders
Get more repeat business by scheduling automated text messages within the app that remind customers to schedule future appointments.
Document Previous Damage
Protect your business by documenting and time stamping previous damage. Attach those images to customer-facing documents.
Estimate & QA Checklists
Make sure your business always delivers on quality by building checklists your team must complete before an estimate or invoice is sent.
VIN Scanning
Instantly access a vehicle’s information and paint code by scanning the VIN with your app. Work faster by typing less.
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