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Track Your Vehicles Repair Process


Identify Gaps in


Critical Insights on
Repair Times


Stay on Task
With Itemized Checklists

Bring Your Tasks, Vehicles, and Techs
All Together in One Place.


Streamline Your Back-Office.

Easily monitor the progress and stage each vehicle is in. You’ll be able to see what’s working great, or what’s causing dents in your workflow, so you can improve your company’s efficiency.


Crystal Clear Customer Experience.

Transform the way you connect with clients. Enable customers to get a real-time view of their vehicle status with access to their own client portal.


Simplifying Time Tracking.

Forget timesheets, and sticky notes – Time Tracking gives you and your team the ability to easily start/stop a timer when performing services. You’ll get the complete picture with average repair times by each tech and vehicle type.


Work Smarter. Not Harder.

Create and stay on task with itemized checklists. You’ll enable your techs to consistently repair and service vehicles the same way, every time.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What subscription do I need to be on to have access to Workflow Management?
  • Workflow Management is only offered on the Pro Subscription

  • Can I user Workflow Management in the admin portal and app?
  • Only the stages feature can be accessed/changed/edited in the admin portal. You can move vehicles between the same color stages in the admin portal, but all other activity must be done in the app.

  • Do I need to use Time Tracking?
  • No, Workflow Management has three features that can be used independently of each other. If you want to use Stages, and Services Checklists but not time tracking that is totally fine.

  • Can my client see what stage their vehicle is in?
  • Yes, just turn on Client Portal Access for your client and they will be able to see what stage their vehicle is in.

  • How many stages can I have?
  • As many as you would like! We do not impose a limit on stage creation.

Easy to use. Saves me time. It’s a gamechanger in the detail industry.”

Cory Crawford – AMG Detail
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