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This is no ordinary calendar – it has access to customers, cars, estimates, and texts. Schedule and assign every job in one place.

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Build perfect PDR estimates with smart PDR software. You have access to panel replacement costs, NADA vehicle values, and x-ray photos of panels.

Why PDR Techs Choose the Mobile Tech RX PDR App

Thousands of real techs use Mobile Tech RX because it's software built specifically for PDR. Learn how our customers use the PDR app to take their business to the next level.

Dan O Dents

Dan Ontrop made an extra $146,215 in revenue with PDR estimating technology.

The PDR Shop

Charlie Molina saw a 54% increase in revenue with professional PDR estimates.

RC Paintless Dent Repair

Justin Craft grew and managed all sides of his business with software.

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Shane is the Founder and Owner of Dent Pro Upstate LLC. “Every week, I’m finding something new that I can use in Mobile Tech RX that can help me be more efficient and more effective.”

From Estimate to Payment in One PDR App

We built Mobile Tech RX Payments to help you streamline your operations with the industry’s first all-in-one Paintless Dent Repair app. Accept all major debit and credit cards with the same tool you use to build your estimates and invoices.

Reasons to Switch

Mobile Tech RX
Recon Pro
PDR Mobile
Pen & Paper
X-Ray Access Photos
Aluminum and HSS Database
NADA Vehicle Values
Body Shop Replacement Costs
Estimate & QA Checklists
Dealership Packages
Credit Card Processing
New! Scheduling
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More Dent Repair Features

Estimate & QA Checklists
Make sure your business always delivers on quality by building checklists your team must complete before an estimate or invoice is sent.
QuickBooks Integration
Stop downloading and uploading invoices. Mobile Tech RX integrates with QuickBooks so all of your systems work together smoothly.
Add Subcontractors Seamlessly
If subcontractors are already using Mobile Tech RX, you can add them to your account without paying extra.
Capture Repair Photos
Keep customers in the loop with photos that can be shared and attached to emailed invoices and estimates.
Dealership Packages
Work with multiple companies on one job and keep it organized in one place. Control the experience by doing it all in Mobile Tech RX.
Professional-Looking Invoices
Mobile Tech RX invoices separate you from competition with paper and sloppy handwriting. Capture signatures within the app.
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