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Being a customer in this industry is hard. You get information from insurance companies, repair companies, and friends. See how Rachel is winning business by using Mobile Tech RX to create relatable customer experiences.

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More Interior Repair Features

QuickBooks Integration
Stop downloading and uploading invoices. Mobile Tech RX integrates with QuickBooks so all of your systems work together smoothly.
Admin Portal
Add new users, set their permissions, change your subscription, run tech sales reports, and more in your easy-to-use Admin Portal.
Capture Repair Photos
Keep customers in the loop with photos that can be shared and attached to emailed invoices and estimates.
Desktop Mac App
Use Mobile Tech RX anywhere. If you have an Apple computer, you can use the app on your desktop just like you can on your tablet or phone.
Add Subcontractors Seamlessly
If subcontractors are already using Mobile Tech RX, you can add them to your account without paying extra.
Remove & Install
Stop giving away labor for free by quickly adding industry average R&I rates to every estimate.
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