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New! Manage the Chaos with Scheduling

This is no ordinary calendar – it has access to customers, cars, estimates, and texts. Schedule and assign every job in one place.

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The Software Designed for PPF & Vinyl Businesses

Manage and grow your paint protection film and vinyl business with modern software technology. Create non-negotiable interior repair estimates and invoices that increase revenue and educate your customers in real-time.

Mobile Tech RX can give you a clean invoice while getting an upsell within two to three minutes.”

Justin Pate - The Wrap Institute

From Estimate to Payment in One App

We built Mobile Tech RX Payments to help you streamline your operations with the industry’s first all-in-one app. Accept all major debit and credit cards with the same tool you used to build the estimate.

Reasons to Switch

Mobile Tech RX
Pen & Paper
Estimates with interactive vehicle diagrams
Monthly statements take seconds instead of hours
Digital invoices not dependent on tech handwriting
Make more money by including R&I in estimates
No more boxes of paper in your office
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More PPF & Vinyl Features

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QuickBooks Integration
Stop downloading and uploading invoices. Mobile Tech RX integrates with QuickBooks so all of your systems work together smoothly.
Capture Repair Notes & Photos
Keep customers in the loop with photos that can be shared and attached to emailed invoices and estimates.
Automated Customer Reminders
Get more repeat business by scheduling automated text messages within the app that remind customers to schedule future appointments.
Customizable Estimates
Have your pre-set packages in your back pocket, but never miss an opportunity to adjust a customer's estimate on the fly.
Powerful Analytics
Managing a business requires great decision making. Stop relying on instincts alone with the most powerful Analytics tool in auto reconditioning.
Estimate & QA Checklists
Make sure your business always delivers on quality by building checklists your team must complete before an estimate or invoice is sent.
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