Comparative Pricing/X-Ray Photos for Auto Techs

View comparative panel replacement costs for most vehicles (2005-current). Panel cost is computed based on OEM part price and includes all associated labor, paint, blend and R&I.

Comparative Pricing also gives you access to an aluminum and HSS database along with helpful tips and repair notes.

Get a behind-the-scenes look into bracing issues and access points with the X-ray Photos feature.

Watch the Comparative Pricing tutorial video.

AVAILABILTY (North American users only)

Hail Damage Repair
App Software

Write in depth, easy-to-read hail estimates in no time!

16 pre-loaded hail matrices (8 U.S. and 8 Canadian), each customizable to suit your estimating style.

Get instant feedback on the estimate process with a color coded vehicle diagram. Touch panel once to quickly estimate and add panel repair notes or touch and hold to mark a panel as conventional.

Take your hail estimates to the next level by using it in tandem with our Comparative Pricing feature!

Easily Add Insurance Supplements App For Auto Techs

Quickly create supplements highlighting additional PDR money needed as well as missing R&I items and parts.

The supplement can be emailed by itself, or attached along with the estimate and damage photos.

If you have the claim number entered for a vehicle then it will automatically be used as the email subject line.


Add Subcontractors To
Your MobileTechRX account.

Instead of adding and paying for additional subscriptions on your account, you can add fellow Mobile Tech RX users for free!

As an admin you have the ability to control and customize what each of your subcontractors can see and do while working inside your account.

Subcontractors have the ability to quickly change the company they are currently working for.

R&I - Remove and Install

Toggle the default hours to “off” if you just want to notate R&I items needed, or toggle to “on” if you would like to add R&I money to your estimate/invoice.

Our R&I times are vehicle specific and based on industry averages. They can be easily adjusted on the fly to match insurance paperwork.


Ability to add parts and tax them independently from labor.

COMING SOON (spring 2017): Pre-loaded panel part items. (pictured)


Add and label as many photos as you’d like! Photos are linked to emailed estimates and invoices.

Mobile Paintless Dent Repair
Invoicing App Software

The go-to estimating screen for PDR route techs with panel price calculation or flat vehicle price estimating.

Enter your own prices each time or set default rates on an individual client basis. Add notes to your estimate and even create custom panel names. Proper vehicle diagram loads automatically.

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