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Getting Started

For new businesses that offer a specific, individual service and are looking to provide professional estimate and invoices, ability to accept credit cards, and show case before and after pictures for their customers.



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For auto recon businesses that offer multiple services an want to look more professional and make more money by integrating with QuickBooks, tracking tech pay and taking deposits on estimates.



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For more sophisticated auto-recon businesses that desire a competitive edge while tracking performance, time, and money with our advanced analytics. Take advantage of our comparative pricing to maximize revenue and our workflow management and time tracking to improve efficiency.



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Getting Started
  • Your choice of one (1) Service module
    Choose between PDR, Hail, Price-a-Dent, Paint & Body, Interior, Detail, PPF/Vinyl, Wheels, Glass or Tint.
  • Customer Text Alerts (50 per month)
    Auto-send marketing and appointment reminder texts. Decrease no-shows and increase reviews!
  • Estimating modules for Parts, R&I/R&R and Misc
  • Credit Card Processing
    Accept online and offline payments within Mobile Tech RX. Go from estimate to money-in-the-bank in one place.
  • Unlimited Estimates & Invoices
    Use Estimates as a marketing tool to show off your professionalism. Never worry about usage limits.
  • Scheduling
    Custom calendar created specifically for the auto industry – integrated with text reminders.
  • Before/After Photos
    Quickly capture and annotate before/after photos using our pre-labeled photo system. All photos are time-stamp verified.
  • Basic Reporting
  • Everything in Getting Started, plus:
  • Customer Text Alerts (100/month)
    Auto-send marketing and appointment reminder texts. Decrease no-shows and increase reviews!
  • Basic Quickbooks Online Integration
  • Client Portal
    Give your customers access to their own portal where they can view estimates and invoices. Dealerships will now have the ability to input P.O. numbers for you!
  • Tech Pay Tracking
    Track how much your techs earn. Tech Pay can be calculated as a flat fee by vehicle type, or as a percentage of each job.
  • Subcontracting
    Add other Mobile Tech RX users to your account free of charge!
  • Pre/Post Diagnostic Scan Storage
    Keep all your documents in one place. Upload and store Diagnostic Scan PDF’s or Image files. These documents can be included as email attachments.
  • Customer Statements
    Quickly and easily create statements for your wholesale accounts. Your statements will clearly itemize all of your unpaid invoices, helping you to get paid faster.
  • Deposits on Estimates
    Asking for deposits is the best way to combat no-shows and late cancellations.
  • Discounts on Estimates
  • Consumer Financing
    Close more jobs by offering financing options to your customers. You get paid immediately, customer pays over time. You assume no risk!
  • CSV Exporting
    Download your Estimate and Invoice data in Excel friendly .csv files.
  • Email Tracking and History
    View email delivery status as well the number of opens for every email you send.
  • OEM Parts Ordering
    Order parts from participating dealerships and compare pricing to find the best deal. The order info can be send directly to your dealer of choice right from within the application.
  • Estify Integration
    MTRX Estimate re-key solution for CCC and Mitchell.
  • Paint Codes
    Get access to exterior and interior manufacturer paint codes right from within the app.
  • Wheel Torque Specs
    The right way to put a tire back on is to torque the lug-nuts to the manufacturer’s recommended torque specs. Save time by having access to this data from within the app.
  • Everything in Standard, plus:
  • Unlimited Text Alerts
    Auto-send marketing and appointment reminder texts. Decrease no-shows and increase reviews!
  • Quickbooks Online Expanded Integration
    A more robust OB Online integration that itemizes out each individual service.
  • QB Online Payments + Taxes Integration
  • Quickbooks Desktop Exporting
  • Check-in and QA Checklists
    The best way to implement best practices within your company. A Checklist activity log allows you to hold employees accountable for specific processes that you want to enforce.
  • Required Fields
    Control which fields are required on our estimates and invoices.
  • Comparative Pricing
    See how much a bodyshop charges to replace a panel. Calculations include part price, and all paint and labor operations associated with the repair. Pricing adjusts for your local labor rate.
  • X-Ray Access Photos
    Zoomable photos that show panel bracing and access points to help you determine accessibility for PDR and body repairs. Submit your own photos to earn MTRX credit!
  • HSS/Aluminum Database
  • NADA Vehicle Values
    Quick-math feature lets you easily calculate the approximate total loss value at different percentages.
  • Dealer Package Management
    Partner with other auto recon companies on shared wholesale accounts.
  • Before/After Videos
    If a photo is worth a thousand words, then a video is priceless. Video is the ultimate documentation method!
  • ERAC Exports
    This feature allows you to export your estimates into EMS format. EMS files can be used to upload estimates into the Enterprise-Rent-a-Car (ERAC) Web CMS portal.
  • Batch Import
    Have a long list of vehicles on an Excel file that you need to enter into MTRX? Batch Import is for you.
  • Groups Feature
    The groups feature allows you to sync Classes to QB, setup administration fees, and customize tech pay rates at a group or individual client level.
  • Workflow Management
    Workflow Management allows you to setup custom workflow stages, which can then be used to track where your vehicles are in the repair process.
  • Time Tracking
    Track how long it takes technicians to complete services.
  • Services Checklists
    Create individualized checklists for each of the services you offer which will help ensure jobs are completed properly as well as give you real-time access to completion progress for each job.
  • COGS and Net Revenue tracking
    Track your Cost of Goods Sold so that you get an accurate view of what really matters, profitability.
  • Custom Disclosure Statements
  • Advanced Reporting (Coming Soon)

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We made an extra $146,215 in revenue.”

There’s data and science behind Mobile Tech RX's pricing tool. It’s justified, not something I came up with in …” Read more
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There’s data and science behind Mobile Tech RX's pricing tool. It’s justified, not something I came up with in my head. This is huge in shifting the conversation with customers or insurance adjusters from something that’s personal and emotional to something that’s unquestionably professional and polished.
PDR Business Owner Dan Ontrop from Dan O Dents Performing Paintless Dent Repair
Dan Ontrop
Dan O Dents

*Offer valid from November 20 to November 27, 2023, for new customers only. The 30% discount applies to the purchase of annual plans during the specified Black Friday promotion period. The 30% discount is applicable to the first year of the annual plan and will revert to regular pricing upon renewal. Mobile Tech RX reserves the right to modify or terminate this promotion at any time without prior notice. The discount is applied at the time of purchase and is not retroactively applicable to previous transactions. For any inquiries or additional information, please contact our customer support team.

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