For many detailers, building your first packages take a lot of work. We researched pricing package examples from all over the country to give you a few template options. Remember, these are just starting points. We recommend you customize your packages to fit the services you provide and the prices you’re comfortable with. Take a look at the examples pricing packages below. If you see one you like:

  1. Copy the description text
  2. Click “Create New Package” in your Admin Portal
  3. Paste the description text under “Package Description”
  4. Add a memorable package name

Exterior Package Example #1

  • Complete hand wash with steam rinse
  • Remove brake dust, rail dust, bugs, and tar with clay bar treatment
  • Thorough cleaning of wheels, wheel wells, and rims
  • Wipe down door jambs and inside fuel door
  • Wash windows, mirrors, and sunroof
  • Treat tires, trim, and grill with premium exterior dressing
  • Apply wax 
  • Clean and shine exhaust tips

Exterior Package Example #2

  • Hand wash (includes paint, wheels, tires, wells, door jambs, and bug removal)
  • Paint decontamination and exfoliation (clay bar)
  • Gloss enhancing machine polish
  • Six-month paint sealant
  • Trim conditioning
  • Tire shine
  • Glass cleaned

Interior Package Example #1

  • Shampoo and hot water extract all carpets, floor mats, and seats
  • Detail all cracks, crevices, and panels using compressed air, fine brushes, soft clothes, and specially-formulated cleaners
  • Wash windows, mirrors, and sunroofs
  • Freshen and rejuvenate leather seats
  • Clean and wipe glove box and center console
  • Vacuum spare tire compartment and trunk

Interior Package Example #2

  • Deep vacuum and clean all cracks and crevices
  • Deep clean all interior surfaces
  • Steam clean carpets and upholstery
  • Deep clean and condition leather
  • UV protectant on all plastic surfaces
  • Glass cleaned

Complete Detail Package Example

  • Gentle hand car wash & towel dry
  • Wheel clean & tire shine
  • Dust dash, instrument console, & wipe door jambs
  • Clean interior windows
  • Interior detail including clean door pockets & cup holders
  • High-pressure air blowout
  • Full interior vacuum including trunk
  • Protective wax applied with random orbital buffer & polished by hand
  • Thorough upholstery & carpet shampoo
  • Deep clean, condition & protect leather seats
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