No two hail dents are the same! Some hail stones can produce extreme, complex damage that requires a significant amount of time to repair. These extreme oversized dents you come across during hail season need an extreme matrix to compensate you for your time. Paul Kordon’s Extreme Hail Estimator matrix gives you size and factor-based pricing so you can accurately estimate extreme hail dents.

Measure the Size

Does a hail dent slightly larger than a Half Dollar cost the same to repair as a 6 inch monster dent that runs through the body line near the edge of a panel? Absolutely not! Track the size and cost from our Extreme Hail Estimator matrix.

Consider Extra Factors

Just because two dents might be the same size, doesn’t mean that they should be the same price. When measuring and estimating hail damage, you need to consider the factors that make the work harder for you. Put an up-charge on the dents with extra factors listed on the matrix.

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