Schedule Customers and Employees

See all of your customer appointments and employee schedules for the day or for the month. Start the estimate process at the time of scheduling.

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Show Off Your Work

If you’re proud of your work, you should be able to show it off. Use before and after photos to share what you’ve done. Connect and share instantly to your social media accounts.

Win Repeat Business

Set up automated text reminders to remind customers of their appointments, follow up for repeat service, or announce a special discount.

And More!

There are a lot of moving parts to your detailing business. Marketing, scheduling, collecting payment, asking for reviews, the list goes on. Manage everything with the all-in-one app designed for detailers:

  • Keep track of your customers and their cars
  • Increase your appointment hold rates with deposits.
  • Know exactly how much revenue you’re bringing in.
  • Send reminders and ask for reviews with automated messages.
Common Questions
  • When will it be ready?
  • Our calendars are marked for a February 15th launch. This date could change as we get feedback from app stores. But it will be here very soon!

  • How is the new app different?
  • After launching the first version of our detailing app in 2020, we got a lot of great feedback from our customers that we were able to incorporate into this new and improved version. Here are some of the changes:

    1. Detail by Mobile Tech RX will be its very own app in the Apple and Google stores. We made this product 100% with detailers and for detailers. It will feel like a very easy and natural addition to your normal work day.

    2. We’ve added a ton of new features while also making it more simple and functional. Directly after you download the app, we walk you through step-by-step how to get started and how you can use all of the features to help you grow and scale your business.

  • How can I try it?
  • We will go live with Detail by Mobile Tech RX in February. We will keep our 5-day free trial policy to allow non-current customers the ability to try it out. Our goal is to show you how much the new app will help you transform your business. (Even if you’ve had a free trial before, you will get another trial period for the new app.)

    If you are a current customer of the old detail app, we will help you try out the new one and help you make a smooth transition by transfering some of your data. This will come a few weeks after the initial product launch!

  • Can I transfer my data from the old app?
  • Yes! If you have an active subscription to our current app, you will be able to do a one-time transfer of certain data from the old app to the new app. We will contact you a few weeks after the first product launch to help you do this.

  • How much will it cost?
  • Detail by Mobile Tech RX will be $54/month or $540/year if billed annually. You will be able to add up to 3 users to your account with this price.
    We will uphold the price of current customers at the price they originally signed up with before the new product launch.

  • I tried the old app. Can I get another trial period?
  • Yes! We will give you access to the new app for 5 days for you to try it out. Our goal is to show you how much Detail by Mobile Tech RX will change your business. If you love it, you can add a credit card to continue using it after your 5 day trial period.

Exactly what I was looking for to secure pricing, workflow, and financials.”

Dan Plautz - Integrity Detail Specialists

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