Other Features

Mobile Tech RX Offers These Robust Features To Run Your Business More Efficiently And Profitably

Other Features

“…very easy to use compared to everything we have tried.”

Bobby M.

International Fleet Solutions

“MTRX has become an indispensable tool in our company.”

Anson Roberts

Front Range Auto Solutions

“…customer support is crazy fast and very helpful.”

Jesse Brause

Form and Finish

Client Management

Group and sort your client list by retail or wholesale. Numerous default rates and prices can be stored on an individual client basis to speed up the estimating and invoicing process.

Tech Pay Tracking

Manage your books with the Mobile Tech RX tech payables feature. See in real-time how much you owe your technicians. Calculate your techs pay rate based on gross %, net %, or a flat price per car. Tech payables are created automatically each time an invoice is closed in the app and then managed in the admin portal where you can mark them as paid once the technician gets his paycheck.

Real Time Reports

Run real-time reports for you and your employees. Customize your report by choosing any combination of dates, clients, and technicians. Itemized reports can be viewed, printed or emailed. Sales reports are calculated post-discount and pre-tax and do not include parts.


Instead of adding and paying for additional subscriptions on your account, you can add fellow Mobile Tech RX users for free!

As an admin you have the ability to control and customize what each of your subcontractors can see and do while working inside your account.

Subcontractors have the ability to quickly change the company they are currently working for.

Email Capability

Store multiple contacts for each client and quickly email estimates and invoices to your client contact list. Emailed estimates and invoices are converted and attached as a comprehensive PDF file. If photos were added to an estimate, you will have the option to attach those to the email as well.

By default, you will be CC’d to any email you send. Admins may choose to add additional CC email addresses to any email sent by any technician in the admin portal.

Photo Capture

Add and label as many photos as you’d like! Photos are linked to emailed estimates and invoices.

Wireless Printing

Sync your phone or tablet to a compatible wireless printer or view as a PDF file from within the app.

VIN Decoding

Our VIN decoding software is top of the line and will decode quickly and accurately. Look for the VIN barcode in either the door jamb, bottom of the windshield, and some dealership window stickers.

Also works on VIN QR codes!

Invoice Exporting

Mobile Tech RX integrates with several accounting softwares. Export your invoices into Quickbooks Online, Quickbooks Desktop, or Xero.

Signature Capture

Capture and store customer signatures on estimates or invoices. Upon signing, the client agrees to authorize repair or approve the work you’ve just completed. Once signed, the signature will also appear on any printed or emailed copy.

Statement Creation

With the Mobile Tech RX statement feature, you will actually look forward to your end of month accounting. What used to take hours will now take minutes.

Scroll through your client list to quickly view unpaid amounts. Create and send a statement in seconds.

The statement feature interacts with the ability to mark your invoices as paid or unpaid.


The estimate screen is designed for both retail clients and wholesale accounts. Estimate one vehicle for retail and bodyshop situations, or perform a dealer lot walk and add multiple vehicles to the same estimate. Our user-friendly interface is designed to be able to hand off your device to a used car manager and let them approve/decline as necessary.

Work Orders

Work orders are the heart and soul of Mobile Tech RX. Each work order contains data for only one vehicle. Work orders can be created from an estimate, or from scratch.

Assign work orders to one or more technicians to easily track what each bills.


An invoice is essentially a collection of work orders. Add as many work orders as you wish to an invoice. Capture customer signatures for the invoice directly on your device. You may also sort and filter your list of invoices from a diverse range of choices.

Mobile Tech RX Features


Set pay rates and track how much your techs are earning and how much they are owed.



Manage your entire client database and set default rates to speed up the estimating process.



Immediate, real-time access to your company’s sales reports right at your fingertips.



Add other Mobile Tech RX users to your account free of charge and set custom controls.



Store multiple contacts for each client allowing you to quickly email estimates and invoices.



Document your repairs. Photos can be attached to emailed estimates and invoices.



Sync your phone or tablet to a compatible wireless printer and print from anywhere.



Our VIN decoding software is ultra-quick and works on both barcodes and QR codes.



Mobile Tech RX integrates with Quickbooks Online, Quickbooks Desktop, and Xero accounting software.



Document authorization to repair and approved work directly on your phone or tablet.



What used to take hours now takes minutes. You can finally get your statements sent out on the first.



Lot walks, retail, supplements… whatever type of estimate you need we’ve got your covered.



Assign work orders to one or more technicians and easily track what each tech bills.



Ditch the pen, ditch the paper. Electronic invoicing will separate you from your competition.