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They have fixed the number one problem in detailing.”

Luke Wilson – Wilson Auto Detailing
Common Questions
  • What is Mobile Tech RX?
  • Mobile Tech RX is software designed specifically to help the automotive reconditioning and repair industry estimate more accurately, invoice customers more professionally, and run businesses more efficiently. Business owners that use Mobile Tech RX make more money and waste less time.

  • What’s the catch with the 30-day free trial?
  • There isn’t one. We give you full access to the product and every feature for 30 days with no commitment necessary. Our goal is to show you how much Mobile Tech RX will change your business. If you love it, add your credit card and keep using it. If you don’t, just stop.

  • How did you build your standardized estimating tools?
  • We did tons of research and mastered the variables of each job. Then we worked with the smartest people in the industry to figure out a range of monetary values for those variables. Our goal was to help professionals like yourself make more money by offering a method for fair and consistent estimating.

  • Do you integrate with Quickbooks?
  • Yes! We have a direct integration with Quickbooks that allows you to easily share documents between our software and theirs.

  • Why should I pay for software instead of using paper?
  • We talk to techs using paper every day. They’re almost always trying to leave it behind. Not only does our software make you look more professional than your competition, but it gives you back the time you’ve been wasting storing boxes of invoices and digging through stacks of paper to run monthly statements. When your estimates are presented professionally, customers and insurance adjusters trust the value you’ve assigned for your work.

  • What’s the difference between Mobile Tech RX and Housecall Pro?
  • The biggest difference is that we were built only for the auto recon and repair industry. We don’t force all mobile professionals to use one software. We were designed by auto recon techs, for auto recon techs. That means we know how you work and can help you do it more efficiently.

  • Which services are supported by Mobile Tech RX?
  • Dent, detailing, glass, interior, paint, tint, and wheel professionals all have specific services in our app built to support their daily workflow. Instead of forcing everyone to use one general app, we designed separate experiences for separate professionals. No matter your pricing package, you have access to every service module.

  • Will my data be secure?
  • Absolutely. We do not share your information with anyone other than your own account and use Stripe for transactions so your payment information is never stored.

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