It’s not just about having the right tools. It’s about knowing how to use them. With the Mobile Tech RX Certification Class, you’ll learn to use the best tool in the auto reconditioning industry. Mobile Tech RX is a new mobile technology service that provides everything auto recon businesses need in one convenient app. The app is designed to make you look more professional, and save you time while making you more money. By taking this class, you’ll be able to put the product to practice, and therefore, maximize profit.

During this certification class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Adjust company information and default rates in the Admin Portal
  • Create estimates, work orders, and invoices
  • Add technicians and clients to the Admin Portal
  • Create alerts and checklists
  • Use the scheduling feature to streamline workflow

Admin Portal

The first thing you’ll learn in the Mobile Tech Rx certification class is how to set up your Admin Portal. The admin portal is your virtual, online office where you can enter company info. You’ll also learn to set prices and run reports with saved information from each estimate and invoice.

With the analytics plan, you can use your Admin Portal to build customizable sales reports. This won’t be covered in the certification class, but you can schedule a walk-through demo.


Once you’ve learned how to set default company rates in the Admin Portal, you’re ready to learn workflow. The Mobile Tech RX workflow starts by creating an estimate. After creating standard rates, you can create estimates with accuracy in no time. You’ll look more professional and customers will trust pricing that is developed by an app.

After you’ve created an estimate, you can arrange a work order. You’ll learn how to upload technicians for work orders late in the class. Once the work order has been arranged, you can turn it into an invoice. The app also allows you to email invoices to clients directly from your phone or tablet.

The certification class will help you learn workflow with hands-on experience. Practice checking in a new vehicle, assigning the job to a technician, and even pretending to collect payment.

Upload Clients

Once you understand the basics like using the Admin Portal and navigating workflow, you can upload clients. Mobile Tech RX has a client relationship management (CRM) tool which helps keep track of customers. You can upload a client list from a spreadsheet or do this directly through the Admin Portal.

Checklists and Scheduling

Through the certification class, you’ll also learn how to use scheduling and checklists to stay on track. Scheduling handles the entire workflow for you – from creating the appointment, to sending reminders to

customers and technicians. By sending reminders through the app, you’re increasing your appointment hold rate (without doing any extra work)!

Checklists prepare you for each step in the scheduling process. Ensure that estimates are ready before being converted into work orders. They also make sure your technicians complete everything necessary before closing out the work order.

Speaking of technicians, the certification class will teach you how to upload and schedule technicians. The app tracks technician performance so you can provide customers with accurate turnaround times.

QuickBooks Integration

Part of the beauty of Mobile Tech RX is the seamless online workflow with everything you need in one place. Take QuickBooks, for example. The integration of QuickBooks means you don’t have to bounce back and forth between paper and electronic data. The estimate becomes an invoice and gets added to QuickBooks, all within one app. You can even import your QuickBooks client list into Mobile Tech RX.

Collect Payments

The last thing you’ll learn in the certification class is how to take payments. You can take credit card payments directly through the app and collect your customer’s signature from your phone or tablet. Payments can also be collected via email.

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By taking the Mobile Tech RX App Certification Class, you’ll be prepared to optimize the app for your business. You’ll also receive a certification badge, which will improve your credibility. In addition to providing the best auto industry tool, we’ll also go in-depth on the best ways to use it. Start learning today with your free Mobile Tech RX App trial!

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