Whether you own an auto repair, detailing, or PDR business, one of your main goals is likely to make your services as convenient as possible. There is technology made specifically for you to do this. One of the first things many business owners look for is an auto repair POS (point of sale) software to collect payment. There are a few different POS options on the market, so which one should you go for?

You might already use Square for their POS system and for some of their small business solutions. But did you know that there is technology out there specifically designed for auto professionals? In addition to offering auto repair POS, technology like Mobile Tech RX can help you with estimates, payroll, customer management, reporting, and more.

With Mobile Tech RX, you get a software that has been created by and for auto professionals. You can accept payments, create industry-specific estimates and invoices, keep track of customers, and generate specialized reports. All in the same app. 

Read on to learn about the differences between Square and Mobile Tech RX and how you can make the switch.

Accept Credit Cards with Auto Repair POS Software

The ability to accept online and credit card payments helps you generate more sales. That’s because it makes it easy for your customers and makes you look professional. It also has the added benefit of being contactless, which is especially important given COVID-19.

Some detailers use Square for processing payments, because it’s set up for small businesses to be able to easily accept payments. Customers can tap their card, pay online, or give their credit card over the phone. There is also the option to customize a digital invoice template.

However, by choosing Square for payment processing, auto professionals are missing out on the additional, specialized auto recon tools offered in the Mobile Tech RX app.

Mobile Tech RX has an integrated payment processing system using Stripe, which lets you accept payments in the same ways that Square does. It also lets you keep a record of your payments digitally. That means you no longer have to keep track of stacks of paper invoices and excel spreadsheets.

In terms of payment processing, both apps can function efficiently for your auto recon business. But, when it comes to other business management tools, Mobile Tech RX has the edge. Read on to learn how.

Create Auto-Specific Estimates and Invoices 

Using technology to create estimates and invoices is a far more accurate and efficient way to do your work.

Square has general templates created for all businesses, which can be used by auto technicians. But since these templates have not been designed specifically for auto recon professionals, there is a big chance you could leave money on the table. 

Mobile Tech RX recognizes that, as an auto recon business, setting prices for your services is one of your biggest challenges. For that reason, our perfect estimating technology lets you price a job based on the condition of the vehicle and a number of variables.

Some auto recon businesses offer menu-based pricing to keep things simple, especially when trying to adapt a generalized invoice template using a software like Square. But that doesn’t account for the many variables that should go into pricing a job, which means they are under-valuing their work.

Mobile Tech RX has worked with the smartest people in the industry to figure out a range of monetary values for the variables of each job. Our goal is to help auto recon professionals make more money by offering a method for fair and consistent estimating.

With Mobile Tech RX’s technology, you get the higher price, every time—without the extra admin. In fact, you can make up to 30% more per job using our app. That’s because it’s been designed to tackle this precise problem. Read more about how Mobile Tech RX software can help you make more money with variable-based pricing

Manage Payroll and Finances with More Flexibility

Effectively managing your finances is crucial to your business’ success. Square has a built-in full-service payroll where businesses can pay their employees, track hours, and file their payroll taxes. 

With Mobile Tech RX, you can also manage all your accounts and finances in one place, since QuickBooks is fully integrated into the app. You can quickly review past income, track your spending, and plan ahead with a number of QuickBooks tools and reports. Learn more about how to use QuickBooks for your auto shop.

Keeping track of payments to your technicians is also a place where the right software can help. In Square, you can pay your techs hourly or salary, but what about the techs you pay on commission?

With Mobile Tech RX, there is an additional option to pay your techs on commission. By providing this flexibility, Mobile Tech RX lets you track the work of each technician and monitor how they are contributing to overall revenue—whether they’re on hourly rates, salary, or commission.

Get More Specific Reports and Analytics

Another benefit of having all of your data in one place using software is that you can easily pull your data and reports for better decision making. 

For auto professionals who use Square for their businesses, there are some general analytics reports that allow you to see the success of your marketing campaigns. But it takes more work when trying to figure out what that really means for your auto recon business.

Mobile Tech RX is the first auto recon tool that shows you how to grow your business with your own data. With Mobile Tech RX, there are template reports geared toward auto professionals, but you can also create your own custom reports as well. 

There are three analytics dashboards in particular, which can really help with financial planning for your auto business. 

  • The Overview dashboard can be reviewed daily (or more often) to give you a comprehensive view of your business performance. For your selected time period, you can see the amount invoiced, number of vehicles serviced, and services provided. You can also use it to compare year to year and make any necessary adjustments.
  • The Client Detail dashboard helps you compare your clients and what percentage of revenue they drive to your business. You can use this information to figure out your high-priority clients. Then you can create a plan based on your revenue forecasts (how much you plan to make in a given time period).
  • The Services dashboard in Mobile Tech RX lets you see which of your auto recon services are bringing in the most money. You can use this data to make decisions on whether you cut back or spend more in particular areas.

Learn how to use the reports in Mobile Tech RX to make you more money

Spend Less Time on Marketing 

Staying in touch with your customers is a great way of maintaining revenue flows and ensuring repeat customers. But that doesn’t mean your marketing efforts should be taking up a lot of your valuable time. 

Square has email marketing software that lets you choose from a set of email templates to create automated campaigns. Emails are one good way of staying in touch with customers, but customizing a general email template can take a lot of time.

That’s why Mobile Tech RX has designed a unique text feature that lets you create default text message templates relevant to your auto recon business. For example, pick up reminders, asking for a review, holiday promotions and regular check-ins. With the Mobile Tech RX Pro and Advanced packages, you can send up to 500 and 1,000 automated text alerts per month, respectively.

One business owner we work with has cut his marketing time by 75% by taking advantage of this Mobile Tech RX feature. Previously he would block off time in his calendar every week to dedicate to marketing campaigns. Now it’s a much faster process to contact customers with Mobile Tech RX.

Make More Money and Save More Money with Mobile Tech RX Auto Repair POS

With Mobile Tech RX, not only can you accept online and credit card payments, you’ll also get $2,500 in free payment processing when you sign up for Mobile Tech RX payments in 2020. In addition to the other useful tools our app offers to make you money, you can also save money, too. Win, win!

How to Make the Switch from Square Auto Repair POS to Mobile Tech RX

What do you do if you already accept online payments and use small business solutions with Square, but would like to make the switch to Mobile Tech RX? 

For most businesses, the process to switch will be very simple. With most payment processing options, you don’t sign any exclusive contract or commitment. So when you’re ready to switch, you just need to sign up for the Mobile Tech RX app and activate our auto repair POS.

If you use Mobile Tech RX and you’re ready to start accepting payments in the app, you can get started with payments in a matter of minutes! (If you’re not yet a Mobile Tech RX customer, you can sign up for a free trial first.)

To transfer your customer data from Square to Mobile Tech RX, we can help. All you need to do is export your client list in Square to a .csv file. Send your client list (in .csv  format) to our support team at alex@mobiletechrx.com and we will upload your list within 24 hours.

If you need to securely import sensitive payment data from your current Square (or another payment processor) into your Mobile Tech RX Stripe account, there’s a way to do that too. Stripe has a detailed outline of the migration process on its website. Mobile Tech RX’s app is already integrated with Stripe, so once you’re ready to transfer the data, you can go straight to step two. You need to ask your current payment processor (such as Square) to transfer your data to Stripe. After a few days to a week, your data will be transferred and Stripe will start the import process to Mobile Tech RX.

Need More Help?

If you need any assistance or have any more questions about how to switch from Square to Mobile Tech RX, our support team is here for you. Give us a call (888-626-6750 ) or send us a message (help@mobiletechrx.com).

Make the switch to Mobile Tech RX so you can build perfect estimates, process online payments, and grow your auto business all in one place. Start your free trial of the country’s number one software for auto professionals, today. If you’re already a Mobile Tech RX user, learn how to get started processing payments.

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