It’s no secret that keeping your clients happy is key to a successful auto reconditioning business. But with so much competition out there, how do you keep customer retention high? The answer is fast, accurate, professional service. With Mobile Tech RX, you can create accurate estimates, track progress, schedule reminders, and collect a payment within the app. This can help you gain customers’ trust and maintain a positive reputation in the auto reconditioning industry. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, Mobile Tech RX is your (not so) secret weapon.

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Accurate, Efficient Estimates

Mobile Tech RX has several built-in tools to make creating estimates easier and more accurate. Adjust hourly rates in the Admin Portal and group clients by retail or dealerships, with set pricing for each.

The best practice when deciding on how to price your services is variable-based pricing. This ensures you’re not leaving money on the table, and customers are receiving exactly what they pay for. Select from pre-loaded repair packages or create a custom pricing package. Add additional services, and the total estimate will be automatically updated based on the pricing set in the admin portal. Variable-based pricing has never been easier. You’ll make more money, and earn the trust of your customers.

Depending on what kind of auto reconditioning services you offer, Mobile Tech RX has specific tools that will benefit you. These tools allow you to create estimates faster and more accurately while gaining your customer’s trust. Some of the features across different industries that will transform the estimate process include:

  • Comparative pricing
  • Price-A-Dent
  • Interactive vehicle diagrams
  • X-Ray photos
  • Document damage with quadrant breakdowns
  • Access paint codes in seconds
  • Flat pricing or item pricing
  • Custom pricing packages
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Boost Customer Retention with Relationship Management Tools

Mobile Tech RX has a client relationship management (CRM) tool which helps keep track of customers. You can track previous services and reach your customers directly with personalized content.

When a customer returns for an additional service, you already have their information on hand. This includes their contact information as well as their vehicle information and warranties.

With a smooth check-in process, your customers will trust you for future services.

Real Results with Real-Time Data

No matter how big or small your business is, tracking progress is important. Not only does this allow for better communication with customers, but it helps improve efficiency to earn a higher profit.

Mobile Tech RX allows you to track technicians’ work to create spot-on vehicle turnaround times. The app also allows you to track other metrics, like services and advertising efficacy. Service metrics allow you to identify your most lucrative service. For multi-service businesses, service reports point out which service is performed the most – and what your customers want more of.

If you run advertisements, the reports page will track their effectiveness and better hone in your target audience. Customer retention starts with attracting the right business. Mobile Tech RX will help you to track what your customers want, and who they are. Provide the right services, to the right people, and you have a significantly better chance of retaining customers.

Increase Appointment Hold Rate with Scheduling

With Mobile Tech RX’s scheduling tool, you can schedule auto reconditioning jobs in advance and add technicians. In the mobile app, you have the opportunity to see your daily calendar and what service(s) have been requested. This allows for easier planning and saves time.

The scheduling tool does more than simply create appointments. You can send text reminders, and check cars in to begin an estimate. The text reminders have helped many businesses increase their appointment hold rate. When you send text reminders, you’re reaching customers directly, giving them the information they need on the go.

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Take Payment in the App

When the service is complete, Mobile Tech RX makes taking payment easy. We work with Stripe Connect, so you can use a Bluetooth card reader to collect payment anywhere. Money will go straight to your account instead of waiting in an app like Square.

Simply go from estimate, to work order, to invoice in one convenient location. You can also email an invoice and collect a signature straight from the app. Your customers will love how quick and professional the process is.

Why Choose Mobile Tech RX

Overall, the whole process is more efficient with Mobile Tech RX. Not just for you, but for your customers. It’s one of the many reasons customers keep coming back to businesses that use Mobile Tech RX.

Not only will you save time, but you’ll also make more money with an accurate estimate created in seconds. By creating an accurate estimate, it shows customers that you care about taking great care of

their car. Other features help increase appointment hold rates, manage customer relations, and close invoices with the press of a button. With Mobile Tech RX, you can increase customer retention by making the process simple and convenient.

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