A Guide to Maximizing Your Profit Potential Through Price

In this article, we used data from Yelp to find the low, average, and high car detailing prices in Florida. We then compared the cost of car detailing services, so that you can see how your pricing stacks up. By looking at car detailing prices in your state, you can gain an insight into how your pricing compares. Using data is a far more accurate way of determining prices, which can be one of your biggest challenges.

If you can set your prices to align more closely with auto detailing businesses in your city and state, you can ensure you are making the most money for every job. (For help on how to raise your detailing prices, check out the Mobile Tech RX detailing app that helps you create perfect estimates.)

We’ve compared the cost of car detailing services in Florida, so that you can see how your pricing stacks up. And the results are pretty staggering. Hopefully this gives you the confidence to create pricing packages that make the biggest impact to your bottom line.

Average Car Detailing Prices in Florida

The average price of a car detailing service in Florida is $120.63. That’s almost 25% less than the rest of the country and the national average of $160.16. This means that car detailing prices in Florida are way off and there is huge scope for improvement. But, more importantly, there is significantly more money to be made.

If this data tells us one thing, it’s that detailing businesses in Florida should be looking to increase prices. Pricing should not only align more closely with local competition, but also with the country.

Most and Least Expensive Cities in Florida

The cities with the most expensive car detailing prices in Florida are Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Fort Myers, Miami Beach, and Tallahassee with prices of up to $212 at the top end of the scale.

The least expensive cities are Pembroke Pines, Boca Raton, and Miami, where you can get a car detailing service for as low as $25.

These figures highlight a huge variation in car detailing prices between cities. A detailer in Fort Lauderdale may be making more than four times more that of a detailer in Pembroke Pines. Even if we take population into consideration, that’s a massive difference. 

Range of Car Detailing Prices in Florida

The range of car detailing prices is so significant in Florida, that Boca Raton features in both the most expensive and the least expensive lists. That’s because you can get a detailing service for as little as $36 and for as much as $200. So a business in one part of the city could be making 500% more than in another. This highlights that even within the same cities in Florida there is a large variation.

From a customer perspective, it would be difficult to justify spending five times more depending on where they go in the city. And it’s even harder for detailing businesses to handle those types of customer objections on price. That’s problematic for the industry as a whole. It could also go some way to explaining why the overall state average is so much lower than the rest of the country.

This is where knowledge of the data is key. Detailers should know their worth and have the confidence to set prices that align more closely with the high end of the state average. 

Business owners should be considering the range to come with strategic pricing. Your aim is to come up with strategic pricing that brings overall pricing up and closer together—across the state.

Boca Raton$36.00$118.00$200.00
Fort Lauderdale$99.00$139.00$212.00
Fort Myers$115.00$150.00$200.00
Miami Beach$135.00$175.00$200.00
Pembroke Pines$25.00$54.00$121.00
Town ‘n’ Country/ Tampa Bay$125.00$150.00$185.00

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The Bottom Line

Look beyond your local competition when setting your prices and don’t be afraid to revisit pricing on a regular basis. Of course, there are other factors to consider, including the population size and the number of car detailing services. But by coming up with a pricing strategy based on statewide data, you’ll ensure that you’re maximizing your profit potential.

Research Methodology

To pull numbers for this report, we used data from Yelp to find the low, average, and high price for auto detailing in cities around the state of Florida. We listed the 40 most populous cities in Florida and compiled pricing data by city where car detailing prices were available. 

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