A Guide to Maximizing Your Profit Potential Through Price

In this article, we used data from Yelp to help you with one of your biggest challenges—setting prices. By understanding the detailing prices throughout your state, you’ll have a benchmark to help you gain insight on how your prices compare. Using data is a far more accurate way to determine pricing, and we make it easy and accessible.

With this knowledge, you’ll be able to maximize your profit and charge on the higher end of the spectrum. (For more help on raising your detailing prices, check out the Mobile Tech RX detailing app that helps you create perfect estimates.)

Average Car Detailing Prices in Colorado

The average price of a car detailing service in Colorado is $238.16 which is significantly higher than the national average of $160.16. That tells us, in part, that customers in Colorado are willing to pay more than customers in other States. It also shows an opportunity for other states to drive prices up.

Most and Least Expensive Cities

The cities with the least expensive car detailing prices in Colorado are Colorado Springs, Arvada, and Pueblo with prices as low as $140. Car detailing prices in Arvada are lowest across the board, meaning they have the opportunity to raise their prices.

The most expensive cities are Denver, Aurora, Fort Collins, Westminster, and Greeley with high prices over $300. Greeley has the highest average at a whopping $328!


Range of Car Detailing Prices in Colorado

Greely, Fort Collins, and Westminster have the most variation in prices with low prices in the $100 range and high prices in the $300 range. This means detailers in one part of the city could be making almost twice as much as those in another. This is why it’s so important to look at local pricing.

Customers may have trouble justifying spending twice as much when they can find a more affordable price. This is a problem for your business but also the industry as a whole. That’s why knowledge of data is key. By knowing their worth, businesses can set higher prices that are more consistent with the rest of the state.

The goal with the information we’ve provided us to bring overall pricing up and closer together— across not only cities, but the entire state.

Illinois Detailing Prices by the Numbers

Colorado Springs$143$205$275
Fort Collins$140$255$328

Setting Variable-Based Prices to Make More Money

Some of the cities that charged higher rates include upcharges for certain variables. We highly recommend variable based pricing so you don’t charge the same price for cars in completely different conditions. We have plenty of resources on our website that can help you determine add-ons and additional charges.

Car Detailing

The Bottom Line

Local competition is important to consider when determining prices for your business. However, creating a benchmark with the prices in your state, rather than just the city, will help you maximize profit. It’s also important to  continue checking competitors’ pricing as inflation and population changes occur. Align your prices as trends in the industry change.

Research Methodology

To pull numbers for this report, we used data from Yelp to find the low, medium, and high prices for auto detailing in cities in the state of Colorado. The cities are listed in descending order by population size, where data was available.For ways to make more money, try the country’s number one Detailing Business Management Software now for free.

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