Using Data to Set Prices

In this article, we used data from Yelp to help you with one of your biggest challenges—setting prices. By researching the detailing prices throughout your state, you’ll have better insight on how your prices compare. This ensures you’re not undercharging, and understanding what customers are willing to pay for a detail. Using data is a far more accurate way to determine pricing, and we make it easy and accessible.

Some of these detailers base their prices on package, car size or both. However, the auto detailers that earn the most profit account for variables regarding the car’s existing condition.

With this knowledge, you’ll be able to maximize your profit and charge on the higher end of the spectrum. (For more help on raising your prices, check out the Mobile Tech RX detailing app that helps create perfect estimates.)

Average Car Detailing Prices in Ohio

The average price in Ohio is $208, which is considerably higher than the national average of $160.16. This means other states have an opportunity to drive prices up. We can also infer that customers in Ohio are willing to pay a little more to get their car detailed.

Most and Least Expensive Cities

The cities with the least expensive detailing prices are Lorain, Parma, and Hamilton with prices starting around $150 and $160. If you’re located in these areas, you have the opportunity to raise those prices a little higher.

The most expensive cities for car detailing in Ohio are Dublin, Cleveland, and Cincinnati. They each have prices set in the $300 range, with Cleveland setting prices as high as $600 for premium packages.

Range of Car Detailing Prices in Ohio

Akron, Ohio has the lowest range in prices with the average price between $187 and $218. Canton and Dayton come in close second, with prices in the mid $200 range. Detailing businesses in Akron, Canton, and Dayton have the opportunity to up their prices. These numbers may also reflect on the kinds of clients that live in these cities.

Cleveland, Ohio had the greatest range in price. On the low end, prices are in the high $100’s, but can easily climb from $300 up to $600!

When there is a huge gap in prices, customers may be less willing to pay for a more expensive service. This is a problem not only for your business, but also the industry as a whole. This is why it’s so important to look at local pricing. By knowing their worth, businesses can set higher prices that are more consistent with the country and their direct competitors.

Maximize Profit with Variable-Based Pricing

The best way to set prices for your auto detailing company is through variable based pricing. As mentioned earlier, some auto shops only set prices based on packages and/or car size. However, by accounting for things like dirt level, pet hair, and paint oxidation, you can charge what you really deserve. Not to worry – Mobile Tech RX has plenty of resources that can help you determine add-ons and additional charges.


Using Technology to Your Advantage

Local competition is important to consider when determining prices for your business. However, creating a benchmark with the prices in your state, rather than just the city, will help you maximize profit. It also helps identify where businesses are adding additional charges dependent on the car’s condition.

This helps auto reconditioning prices stay more consistent throughout the country. It’s important to continue checking competitors’ pricing as industry trends change.

With Mobile Tech RX, you can set variable rates ahead of time and the app will automatically calculate your estimate. By analyzing the data in your state, and using technology to determine prices, you’ll never fall short of what you’re worth.

Research Methodology

To pull numbers for this report, we used data from Yelp to find the low, medium, and high prices for auto detailing in cities in the state of Ohio. The cities are listed in descending order by population size, where data was available.

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