A Guide to Maximizing Your Profit Potential Through Price

As a car detailing business owner in Texas, one of the biggest challenges you face is determining your prices. Effectively setting your car detailing prices is crucial to increasing revenue and ensuring your success. In order to do that, you need an in-depth knowledge of your competition. 

Your competition includes not only the other detailing businesses in your town or even your county, but it includes detailers across your state and even the country. The key to maximizing profit is having a pricing strategy that’s based on data-driven research. 

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Thankfully, in the practical guide below, we’ve done the pricing research for you. To do this, we gathered data from Yelp to find the low, average, and high car detailing prices in Texas. We then compared the cost of car detailing services locally and at a state level, so that you can see how your pricing stacks up—and hopefully have the confidence to create pricing packages that make the biggest impact on your bottom line.

Average Car Detailing Prices in Texas

The average price of a car detailing service in Texas is $155.60. That’s almost 3% lower when compared to the rest of the country and the national average of $160.16. That means there’s lots of potential to increase pricing on a state level.

average detailing prices in Texas heat map

Most and Least Expensive Cities in Texas

With an average cost of $225, the cities with the most expensive car detailing prices in Texas are Lewisville, Waco, and Pearland. 

The least expensive cities are Frisco, Garland, and Dallas, where the average cost of car detailing services is $94.33.

This data highlights the huge variation in pricing across the state, leaving big dollars on the table. A detailer in Lewisville could be making more than double that of a business in Dallas. And remember, this is for the same job! 

Detailers should know their worth and have the confidence to set prices that align more closely with the state average.

Range of Car Detailing Prices in Texas

To reiterate the range of car detailing prices in Texas, let’s delve a little deeper. In Frisco, the city with the cheapest pricing, a customer could get a detail for as low as $50. At the other end of the scale, detailers in Lewisville, the most expensive city, will charge as much as $275. 

That’s a $215 difference! There’s definitely a sign here that detailers in cities across Texas could be making more in potential revenue.

If we take the two cities in this case and calculate their average, we see a $162 difference. In order for Frisco to hit that average, prices would have to go up by more than 300%. Whereas in Lewisville, they would be cutting their own prices by almost half. 

Below you can see the full list of Texas cities we researched, with their low, medium, and high average prices for detailing services:

Fort Worth$147.00$189.00$209.00
Round Rock$149.00$179.00$299.00
San Antonio$120.00$180.00$299.00

The Bottom Line

You should be aware of the range in detailing prices in Texas to help you come up with your own strategic and competitive pricing.  Maybe you can change your package prices now to match the highest price of the range. If so, that’s great! However, if you’re worried that increasing your base pricing will be a hard sell to your customers, there’s a solution for you.

It might be difficult to close the pricing gap by simply increasing your base package pricing. But you can and should look to variables and conditional factors of the cars that come into your shops. This could include paint correction, excessive interior stains, or Brightwork. Start charging for those variables! A tool like Mobile Tech RX’s detailing app can help you keep your base pricing and also close the gap with conditional factors that you should be charging for but aren’t. Our estimating app makes it easy to work in higher prices to your daily estimates while also keeping your customers happy.  

Look beyond your local competition when setting your prices and don’t be afraid to revisit pricing on a regular basis. By coming up with a pricing strategy based on nationwide data, you will ensure that you’re maximizing your profit potential.

Research methodology

To pull numbers for this report, we used data from Yelp to find the low, average, and high price for auto detailing in cities around the state of Texas. We listed the 40 most populous cities in Texas and compiled pricing data by city where car detailing prices were available. (15 of the 40 cities had sufficient accurate data on detailing pricing to use them in this report.) 

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