Create Fast and Profitable Wheel and Rim Repair Estimates

As any auto reconditioning technician knows, your pricing and customer relationships are everything. Building fast and accurate estimates that are both competitive and profitable is no easy task. Let us help you create wheel and rim repair estimates! The Mobile Tech RX app makes running your business easy. All you need to do is focus on giving your clients the services they need.

Our powerful app allows auto recon businesses to go paperless, without the hassle of integrating several online platforms. Sync Quickbooks Online or Desktop seamlessly to make accounting a breeze. Technicians can go from creating estimates to putting money in the bank all in one app.  With our advanced scheduling software, techs have access to customers, cars, estimates, and text messages right at their fingertips.

Create Wheel and Rim Repair Estimates

Make Professional Estimates Easier and Faster with an Online Platform

The Mobile Tech RX  app generates quotes and estimates that are straightforward and professional. Easily understandable, polished estimates are effective marketing tools that showcase your business’ high quality standards.

Making the switch to the app is simple. We provide quick onboarding modules that equip you and your team with the knowledge necessary to hit the ground running. But first, let’s go through the top ways Mobile Tech RX makes creating wheel and rim repair estimates a breeze.

Create Polished Wheel and Rim Repair Estimates

Streamline Your Workflow to Increase Speed and Profits

Running a paperless business means that you can track all of your client information on one platform. Mobile Tech RX archives all of your customer and vehicle details so you never have to worry about losing your notes. In our app, you can turn an estimate into a profit within seconds.

With our VIN number decoding software, your techs will have easy access to vehicle information faster than ever. Additionally, taking photos of pre-existing damage and keeping track of colors and finishes is an added bonus feature.

The Mobile Tech RX app helps auto recon techs work smarter, not harder. Making the switch not only benefits you, but shows your customers how professional your auto recon business truly is. With our platform, technicians can create fully customized wheel repair estimates for each wheel and rim on a vehicle. Repair options include cosmetic, straighten, crack repair, powder coating, and so much more.

Add Notes to Individual Customer Profiles

To keep track of repairs, the Mobile Tech RX app has a built-in notes section to keep technicians and customers up to date. Within the notes section, technicians can include specific details like previous damage or paint codes to eliminate potential mistakes. Technicians can even create notes for internal use among their team. Details such as internal wheel ID, number of spokes, and rim finish are all stored in one place. The customer-facing notes portion allows technicians to make notes that the customer will see, such as progress or pre-existing damages. This powerful feature helps technicians and customers stay informed throughout the repair process.

Built-In Pricing Calculator

Mobile Tech RX does the math for you. The days of calculating and re-calculating service totals are finally over. As services are added to an estimate, our software automatically totals the cost. This way, you can rest assured that all calculations are correct and you are not leaving money on the table.

With the addition of Quickbooks integration, all of your accounting needs are taken care of directly in the app.  Mobile Tech RX also accepts online and offline credit card payments. That means you can get paid, no matter where you or your customers are.

Using the Mobile Tech RX app sets a consistent pricing structure that is completely non-negotiable. As all auto technicians know, the cost of repairs can add up very quickly. But with the customizable wheel and rim repair pricing and estimate feature, the cost of each repair is accounted for. The professional and detailed pricing estimates will show customers which repairs are being done and how much they cost. The app makes setting a consistent pricing structure fast and easy – haggling is finally a thing of the past!

Create Competitive Wheel and Rim Repair Estimates

Boost Your Value With Professionalism and Competitive Prices

When your business looks good, your clients feel good. The Mobile Tech RX app creates streamlined and professional estimates that makes explaining the cost of services simple. Your business will automatically be recognized for its improved high-quality and credibility. High-detail estimates ensure that customers and technicians can stay on the same page. By boosting your reputation, you’ll notice your customers will come back willing to pay more, simply because they trust you.

As all business owners know, it’s essential to know what your competitors are doing. The Mobile Tech RX app has you covered. Once you enter in a vehicle’s information you can browse average competitor prices. Notice a significant difference between your prices and the competition’s? Repair prices can be easily adjusted within the app in seconds. Having a competitive edge really just got that easy.

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Mobile Tech RX is available on Windows and Mac systems, as well as phone and tablet apps, so no matter what technology your business runs on, we can run right along with you. Download our app today to start your 10-day free trial and experience Mobile Tech RX and watch your wheel and rim repair business transform.

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