Today’s businesses are being swamped with data, but only some know how to use it. Many businesses are rich in data, but poor in knowledge on how to apply that data. With Mobile Tech RX, you never have to guess what’s going on. Reports on our app make the data you need to run your business accessible and digestible. With service reports, you will be able to make the most effective decisions possible, every time.

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Metrics Matter

Service reports are quantitative insights measured over a period of time. They are quantitative because they measure tangible things. Not only do they show whether your business is meeting its ideal performance, but it makes predicting future performance that much easier. They also show whether you’ve met your goals and where you may be lacking. 

It is necessary to measure different metrics and see how they’re affecting each other. In other words, analyzing metrics on a comparative basis. Sounds like a pain, right? That’s how we make your life easier. With the Mobile Tech RX app, you get to view all the reports and analytics on one platform. This makes it easy to cross reference sales and other metrics.

Reports Feature

Mobile Tech RX provides service reports on sales, tech pay, timeline, services, and more. We’ll automatically add the most popular reports to your dashboard. You can also add additional reports as needed for your company. This will help you make quick decisions to help your business and your customers. Take a look at some of our features:

Reports Page

Using the reports page, you can sort through your tech pay in further detail. Sort by client or technician to see the work they’ve done. By downloading a report PDF, you can see all the invoices from that technician. Shown through a simple chart, you’ll quickly know what you’ve paid and what you owe. 


These reports will show how much money you’ve produced for each service. They are easily sorted into icons, so you can find exactly what you need. Categories include hail, paint and body, parts, or miscellaneous. One benefit of service reports is the ability to identify sales in unexpected areas of your business. If you’re a multi service business, service reports will narrow down your most lucrative service. If you specialize in one service, like interior repair, you may realize a sizable amount of your income is actually from detailing.


These provide an idea of how long each process is taking, from estimate, to work order, to invoice, to payment. This feature is especially helpful for those who work in large commercial repairs, such as hail. The app shows you what’s happening in real time with each car. With hundreds of new cars to estimate and service, you won’t have to guess. Your customers will thank you for the accuracy.

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Easily Track Advertising Efficacy

As a business owner, you understand the value of advertising. What is more valuable however, is understanding how effective advertisements are. With Mobile Tech RX, you can sort and filter by date, client, invoice, and service. Break anything down by year, month, week, or day to get a closer look. 

If your business groups target audiences into different car brands, you’ll love the build a report feature. You can create a crosstab measuring how many cars were serviced for each make or model in each month. If you’ve been running ads for Nissans during the beginning of September and the number of Nissans serviced in late September to October has increased, you’ll know your advertising was effective. Maybe you ran ads for Fords, yet saw no change in the amount of Fords that came in. We give you the numbers so you know where to cut back and where to double down.

Finance & Reporting Tools

Payment Processing for Customers & Employees

Taking payments from customers and ensuring your employees get paid on time is easier than ever with Mobile Tech RX. Whether you are taking card payments through the app or over email, you are guaranteed quick and easy payment processing. Pay employees on time, every time, whether they are hourly, commissioned, or flat rate. Plus, easy, one-click integration with Quickbooks increases the efficiency of your processes even more.

Dashboards & Reporting

Analytics dashboards allow you to track your business profits in real-time. See what parts of your business are driving revenue and which parts are slowing you down. Pre-built reports means one click and you’ve got all of the information right in front of you – no need to run multiple reports!

With all of these features and much more, there is no question that Mobile Tech RX is full of useful features that can propel your auto reconditioning business forward.

Since 2015, Mobile Tech RX’s platform has been helping auto reconditioning businesses all over the world streamline their services. With features like VIN scanning, automated SMS and email alerts, Quickbooks integration, a real-time analytics dashboard, and much more, there are countless ways that Mobile Tech RX can assist technicians and owners of auto recon businesses in providing high-level services to their customers.

Why Choose Mobile Tech RX

Sure, maybe you can track things like sales, technician pay, and vehicle turnaround without an app. But can you do it all in one place in a simple to understand format? That’s part of what makes our platform so special. Mobile Tech RX is the comprehensive solution to boost efficiency, organization, and wow your customers. We’re constantly upgrading and developing new tools to help our customers. Ditch the piles of paper invoices. We want to provide everything your business needs in our app because we’ve been in your shoes. 

Mobile Tech RX has helped thousands of business owners excel their business. Service reports will consolidate information making it easy to access. Upgrade your business with one click by starting a free trial today.

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