As an auto reconditioning business, earning your customers’ trust is the number one thing you can do to maximize your profits. By earning customer trust, you’ll be able to retain a loyal client base while simultaneously attracting new business. As your loyal customers leave reviews and promote your work through word of mouth, you’ll see an increase in traffic to your business. From there, the cycle repeats – leading you to a higher profit, year after year.

Build Trust with Photo Documentation

Built-in documentation helps you protect your business by photographing and time-stamping previous damage. You can save these images in your records and attach them to customer-facing documents to avoid misunderstandings.

Once the service is complete, send repair photos to keep your customers in the loop. Then, attach these repair photos to their invoices so they can reference them any time they choose.

In addition to photo documentation, you can also save notes for each customer to reference at a later date. Repeat customers will feel taken care of when they return to your business for additional help.

Use Technology for Perfect Estimates

With pre-loaded repair packages, flat pricing, and item pricing, you can build perfect estimates everytime. It all starts with entering set prices and rates in the admin portal. Then, when you go to build an estimate, check off each part of the vehicle that needs servicing. From there, the app will automatically calculate the total cost.

Plus, if you need help assessing specific damages, the app has resources for each industry. If you work in paintless dent repair (PDR) the comparative pricing tool will help you verify your prices. This smart PDR software gives you access to panel replacements, NADA vehicle values, and x-ray photos of panels.
If you work in glass repair, reference the app’s interactive vehicle diagrams, isolate repair locations and types, and add resin details with the click of a button.

Access paint codes in seconds or build perfect invoices for window tint repairs with estimates based on tint factors. If you work in interior repair, you can select from popular interior packages and if you work in PPF and vinyl, you can quickly customize an estimate by panel and material type.

The benefits of the estimate building tool are several-fold. Your customers will trust the numbers built by technology, you’ll have added credibility when insurance is involved, and you’ll earn what you’re worth with every job.

Improve Customer Experience through Workflow

With everything you need in one app, you can schedule customers, send texts and invoices, and coordinate with your technicians in half the time.

Make a great first impression the minute your customer arrives at your shop by using the app on your smartphone or tablet. To check-in vehicles quicker than ever, simply scan the VIN and the app will automatically upload all relevant information.

From here, you can use the estimate tool to build a perfect estimate and assign it to a technician in no time. In fact, the scheduling app will handle all of your service coordinating needs. Through the scheduling feature, you can check technician availability, vehicle status, and view a calendar by day or by week.

The scheduling feature also helps you send text reminders before appointments, follow up messages after servicing, and promotional messages to bring customers back. Plus, when sending follow up texts, you can ask customers for reviews that they can share online which helps get the word out about your business.

Start Earning More with the #1 App For Auto Recon

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, the Mobile Tech RX app is your number one choice. With a streamlined workflow, perfect estimates, and photo documentation, you can quickly earn and maintain trust with your customers. As you start earning the trust of your existing customers, you’ll be able to draw more customers to your business.

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