The windshield provides such a crucial level of safety for a vehicle and faces damage on the daily. At least half of the cars on the road have experienced some kind of damage to their windshield. This is part of what makes the glass repair industry so lucrative. However, an automotive technician can only be as good as the technology they use. That’s why we’ve designed an app with features specific to the glass repair industry. Together, we help technicians perform impeccable service – at the best price – in a fraction of the time.

App Features Specific to Glass Repair

Mobile Tech RX is the only app with specific features for every segment of the auto reconditioning industry. Whether glass repair is your sole business or an additional service, the app has specific features to help you.

Interactive vehicle diagrams

Vehicle diagrams allow you to add repairs to specific areas of the vehicle. This may be the windshield, sunroof, or window on any of the doors or panels.

Isolate repair locations & types

From there you can breakdown specific locations and repair types for an in depth visual. This helps create perfect estimates by identifying areas that are harder to fix.

Add resin details

Document resin details and ensure a perfect  estimate by designating resin rates ahead of time. Enter details about the resin tint, the NAGS (National Auto Glass Specification) ID, and OEM parts number.

Include remove & install in estimates

The app helps to identify areas that may require additional work to repair. Unexpected obstacles can leave you charging less when your technicians perform more work. Avoid leaving money on the table with the app that includes remove and install in the estimates.

Estimate & QA checklists

Deliver quality service every time by building checklists your team must complete before an estimate or invoice is sent.

Capture repair photos

Keep customers in the loop with photos that can be shared and attached to emailed invoices and estimates.

Desktop Mac app

You can use Mobile Tech RX anywhere – on your desktop, tablet, or phone.

Tools to Help You Earn More

Create perfect estimates

Are you tired of charging less than you’re worth?  With the Mobile Tech RX app for glass repair, select parts that need repair in the app. Then, the total estimate will be automatically calculated.

By creating non-negotiable glass repair estimates, you can increase your revenue without causing customers to second guess your pricing.

Not only will you earn the trust of your customer, but insurance companies take Mobile Tech RX seriously. With an estimate backed by technology, insurance companies will not hesitate to approve an estimate.

Make data driven decisions

Several features in the app help you to make research based decisions – Quickbooks integrations, reports, and analytics. With real-time data made easily accessible, you can track income and expenses to predict future growth.

Improve Customer Relationships

Fast service from start to finish

With an app specifically built for glass repair businesses, Mobile Tech RX makes every part of the process quicker. This helps you earn more revenue by servicing more vehicles in a given time. A fast turnaround also leaves customers feeling satisfied and increases the likelihood of repeat business.

Send automated message

Send automated messages to remind customers about their appointment, follow up with previous repairs, or alert them about promotions. Sending automated appointment reminders takes no additional time out of your day but helps to increase appointment hold rate. Plus, with follow-up messages, customers will know that you genuinely value their time.

Share notes with the entire team

The app has a notetaking feature that allows technicians to write notes about a particular client and their vehicle. These notes are stored right within the app for easy access. Not only does this allow you to offer a more personalized experience, but it can help you find repeat customers. By sending follow up messages tailored around a client’s notes, they are significantly more likely to return for additional services.

Grow Your Business with Mobile Tech RX

We created Mobile Tech RX because we’ve been in your shoes. We know how important it is to use the best product for the job.  The app improves every part of your business operations, making you look more professional every time. Everything that Mobile Tech RX does is to help technicians across the world achieve quicker service and maximize profits.

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