Running a successful business is all about finding ways to be more efficient. The more you can get done in less time, the greater potential revenue you can earn. The last thing you want to do is to settle for outdated business practices that slow you down. Not only will this affect your relationship with clients, but also with your employees. Clients want fast and efficient service and your employees want the stability of an organized workflow.

The easiest way to stay organized and efficient in your auto reconditioning business is with the help of technology. Using an app that combines everything you need for your business will transform your relationship with customers and technicians alike.

Servicing Made Simple

Mobile Tech RX is the number one app for auto reconditioning businesses. With the built-in Scheduling tool, keeping track of servicing has never been easier. Plus, your business will move faster with the Workflow feature, which is designed specifically to maximize servicing efficiency. Together, these features work seamlessly to improve the entire process.

When a customer schedules an appointment, you can use the Scheduling feature to send automatic text reminders. This helps to boost appointment hold rates in addition to overall customer retention.

Within Workflow, you’re able to check in vehicles instantly by scanning their VIN through the app. Then, all the information you need about the vehicle will automatically populate.

The next step in Workflow is to create a work estimate – Mobile Tech RX has this down to a science. You can set rates ahead of time in the admin portal. Then, when it’s time to build an estimate, simply add parts of the vehicle that need to be fixed and the price will automatically update.

Then you can assign a technician all in the same app. View your Schedule the way you want – by day, week, or month. All you need to do is take a quick glance and move forward with assigning a technician to the job.

Keeping up With Clients

The Mobile Tech RX app benefits your customer relationships in several ways. First of all, with the efficiency and accuracy of your business’ workflow, they’ll be impressed with your professionalism. Your clients are looking for a company who can work quickly without sacrificing quality. With perfect estimates, your customers will also trust that they are paying exactly what they need to.

You’ll also be able to retain customers easily with the help of our built-in customer relationship management (CRM) tool. Remember every customer and every car by taking internal notes to reference later. You’ll never have to stumble or stutter when a client has a question about their previous service. You’ll also be able to recommend future services based on the concerns you’ve noted.

Once you’ve completed a service, you can also set up automated text messages to request a review. 

Tracking Technicians

Though impressing your customers may be a more common conversation, you can never forget about your employees. Without a highly capable team, you won’t be able to deliver the quality of service that your customers expect. In order to create a team that is experienced and passionate, those technicians must feel supported and motivated within the company. Using an app that makes the scheduling process extremely efficient will give technicians more stability in their jobs.

Plus, with Mobile Tech RX, you’ll never miss a pay day. Everything in the app is integrated for your convenience. Set technician rates in the admin portal and sync with the Scheduling tool to ensure everyone gets paid what they’re worth.

Streamline the Entire Process

At the end of the day, it’s nearly impossible to find a tool that helps with every step of the process. Mobile Tech RX is the outlier. Our app for auto reconditioning benefits auto recon business owners throughout the process – from A all the way to Z. You’ll be able to strengthen your relationships with both your clients and your employees, earn more revenue, and become significantly more efficient. Quit fumbling between different platforms and devices – our app does it all.

If you’re ready to transform your business, try out the leading app for auto reconditioning businesses today!

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