In today’s information economy, data is everything. Data drives every aspect of business, and a lack of data can lead to failures and mistakes that would otherwise have been avoided. Mobile Tech RX makes it easy to access and visualize all the data you need to make the decisions that will grow your business efficiently and effectively.

Define Your Goals

What are you hoping to achieve with your data-driven decision making? Do you want to increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, or reduce costs? Once you have a goal in mind, you can start to collect the data you need to inform your decision.

When determining your goals, make sure you follow the old adage of making them SMART:
● Specific: “Hire three more employees” is better than “hire more people.” Specific goals allow you to better plan your course of action and make decisions more in line with what will help you achieve those goals.
● Measurable: “Increase revenue by 25%” is better than “reevaluate pricing.” You should always know when you’re getting close to reaching your goal and when you can consider it a success.
● Achievable: “Go from 100 clients per month to 150 clients per month” is better than “Go from 100 clients per month to 10,000 clients per month.” Although the second one would be a dream come true, you need your goals to be realistic in order to have a chance of attaining them.
● Relevant: “
● Time-Based: “Accomplish this goal by the end of the year” is better than “accomplish this goal.” With an imposed time limit, you can more effectively take the steps that are required to get you there. Be sure the time limit is just as achievable as the goal itself.

You have to know where you’re going before you start. By having a SMART goal in place, you’re well prepared to leverage your data effectively in pursuit of that goal.

Collect and Analyze Your Data

This is where Mobile Tech RX comes in. We make it easy to see your data in real time, all in one place, and our next-level analytics help you to quickly identify key areas for focus and improvement.


Keep a record of all billed invoices. Easily see a summary of your monthly averages. Identify key sources of revenue and returns on investment. Leverage our Perfect Estimates tool to always earn what you’re worth, every time. It’s all included in one app. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can focus on your business, the way it’s supposed to be.

Business Health

View your team performance goals and measure employee efficiency. Engage with location-based reporting and compare data across multiple regions to identify opportunities for growth. Track purchases and budgets, and form lasting supplier relationships. In one smooth motion, we’ll take you all the way from scheduling to payment.

Client Data and Outreach

Clients are the lifeblood of any business. Attract new clients and maintain existing ones with our Customer Relationship Management suite, identifying top clients and remembering every customer and every car they bring into your shop. Send out automated messages for marketing and review requests, and filter down by date, client, invoice, and service to gain the insights you’re looking for. All the data is there, just waiting for you to unlock it.

And, if our existing suite of data services isn’t quite working for you, create custom reports to test any idea quickly and seamlessly. It’s all included, even if it’s not out-of-the-box.

Make Your Plan

Informed decisions are good decisions. The choices you could make are as numerous as the data points you collect, but as long as they’re actionable and created with the intention of driving you toward your goal they’re worthwhile. If a decision doesn’t end up working out the way you expected, use that as an opportunity to learn what can be adjusted next time. Eventually, the choices will come immediately and naturally.

Evaluate Your Results

Determine whether or not your decision was successful and how you can improve your data-driven decision-making in the future. Did your plan play out how you expected it to? Did you accomplish your goal? Regardless of whether the answer is yes or no, was there anything that could have been done better in terms of plan execution?

The answers to these questions will lead you down a path of continual improvement and growth, and Mobile Tech RX gives you the data and the tools to reach that stage. Try out a free trial today to experience the power of data firsthand and take the leap into a future of consistent business success.

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