2019 was a year of big bets and big decisions made for the sake of growing Mobile Tech RX. Our united goal as a company is to introduce more auto recon techs to career-changing technology. We believe technology is the key to business growth in the auto reconditioning industry.

Mobile Tech RX is a company out to transform the auto reconditioning industry by providing business owners in dent, detail, interior, paint, and wheels with the technology to make more money and grow their businesses. Mobile Tech RX exists because the auto reconditioning small business owner has been underserved. The act of fixing a dent, detailing a car, and touching up paint is an art. Across the country, this art is undervalued by customers who don’t understand the intricacies of the work. Our job is to build technology that solves two issues: 1. Educate customers on what great auto reconditioning looks like and 2. Help business owners earn the money they deserve. We believe that every new user of Mobile Tech RX is a step in the right direction. Why? Every new user will be able to charge higher prices and help raise the tide for the entire industry. 

Here’s how we thought about Mobile Tech RX company growth and the growth of the auto recon industry in 2019 and what we’re setting out to do in 2020:

Mobile Tech RX Funding

In June 2019, we raised $4.2M in Series A funding by Silverton Partners. The news was covered by Crunchbase and Austin Business Journal.

Until now, this market has been under-served by modern, mobile-friendly software…Our team was impressed by the level of traction the company has seen organically. I’m looking forward to working with Eric and his team as they transform this industry.”

Client Image
Roger Chen, Partner at Silverton

While we have been a successfully growing company for years now, the catalyst that helped us turn it up a notch was our Series A funding round by Silverton Partners that we closed in June. After we secured this monumental funding, a lot of things we’d been planning for began to fall into place. We brought on great leadership and talent to our executive team and our company. Our team defined big goals. We opened an Austin office, and we refined our purpose and vision for the future. 

Executive Team Spotlights

Mobile Tech RX

About halfway through the year, we added four fantastic contributors and leaders to our executive team. Albert transitioned from being a consultant to coming on full-time as the Chief Technology Officer for Mobile Tech RX. He’s responsible for our technological vision and strategy and developing our product roadmap. Garrett Vance came on as our VP of Engineering and works closely with Albert to refine the product roadmap and manage the execution of all of our development work. Matt McAllister joined next as our Chief Marketing Officer, with a goal of amplifying the Mobile Tech RX brand, sharing our customers’ stories, and spreading the word of Mobile Tech RX to new people and new markets. Lastly, we added Sean as our Chief Revenue Officer at the end of the summer to help us increase adoption, expand to enterprise users, and create a great onboarding experience.  

The Mobile Tech RX Team and 2020 Hiring Goals

We’re on a mission to build software that helps auto reconditioning professionals make more money and grow their businesses. Now at 18 full-time employees, our headcount has increased by almost 50% since June of 2019. Mobile Tech RX company growth is sustained by people. If you want to join a team that is dedicated to solving real problems for appreciative businesses, we want you!

Here are our open roles at Mobile Tech RX:

Account Executive

We are excited to add a new teammate to our growing sales team who would be responsible for new account acquisition. This includes managing inbound leads, cold call prospecting, qualifying, solution-selling, negotiation, and closing deals. This role would manage all four areas of the sales process: prospecting, qualification, closing, and onboarding.

Senior Product Designer

Mobile Tech RX is looking for an experienced UX designer to join our Product team. This person will collaborate with our Product, Marketing, and Engineering teams to help us create a fantastic user experience while crafting the future versions of a product our customers love.

Growth Marketing Manager

We’re on a mission to grow our brand and convert more people to Mobile Tech RX users and fans. We’re looking for a growth marketer who loves to experiment and measure. You’ll own the digital ecosystem and build an SMB-focused growth machine.

Sales Development Rep

We are looking for an experienced Sales Development Representative to bring a great product to market and grow a portfolio of passionate customers. The primary function of this position is new account acquisition, including net new prospecting, following up on inbound leads, and qualifying opportunities.

Company Culture and Mission

As we grow and change in 2020 and beyond, it’s important to us that we keep a hold of what we’ve believed in since the beginning. We wrote a new mission statement focused on our reason for existing:

We exist to build software that helps every auto reconditioning professional make more money & work more efficiently with data-founded job estimates, professional customer-facing experiences, and measurable time savings.

Every fast-growing company is up against the same challenge, and company growth at Mobile Tech RX is no exception. We want to appreciate the work and culture that got us to where we are today. We also need to recognize that change is necessary to continue growing. As a company, we’re well aware of our founding story. We regularly remind ourselves and our users about our foundation because being started by techs is the biggest reason for our product being so great. In 2020, we’ll be working to protect the original story and vision of Mobile Tech RX while building more products for more auto reconditioning professionals. We want to be seen as the preeminent source for business growth for our underserved industry. We want business owners to use our technology, read our research and watch our videos and make more money because of our clear purpose.

Market Updates 

When Daimen and I founded Mobile Tech RX 5 years ago, we were an estimating and invoicing app for PDR. We’ve since been working on growing into a business management software for the larger auto reconditioning industry. This includes interior, glass, wheel, paint, PPF, and soon, detailing. We are the leading solution for all of these industries that helps them make more money with every job and grow their business. 

Over the past 5 years as a company, we’ve heard so many success stories from our users. We’ve had a customer tell us they are consistently making 54% more revenue per job and another one who made $93k more in revenue last year. All-in-all, $1.7 billion in invoices have been processed through Mobile Tech RX.

Mobile Tech RX Product Updates

Q4 2019: Analytics 

Mobile Tech RX Analytics Overview Screen

On Black Friday of 2019, we released the industry’s first analytics product. Now, auto reconditioning business leaders have a tool that can help them capture the data generated from their daily operations, get a holistic view of their businesses, and make smarter decisions. 

It’s the most valuable tool I’ve seen on the market. This tool is allowing me to trim the fat on things that aren’t working and to double down on the things that are working.”

Client Image
Matt Moore, Owner of EZ Dent in Athens, Georgia, and a PDR technician with over 15 years of industry experience.

Q1 2020: New Detailing App

Our new detailing product coming Spring 2020 is a business management app that helps detailers make more money. Our interactive pricing tool reminds detailers of every variable that affects their work and what to charge for it. We’re also building in scheduling, credit card processing, automated marketing reminders, and more!

The goal behind launching our detailing app is to hand detailers a tool that will help them organize their businesses, grow their businesses, and help them earn like the craftsman they are. We really believe that this product will usher in the future of detailing because it’s the first and only detailing product in the world with the technology to help detailers make up to 30% more revenue per job. 

The waitlist is currently over 400 people. There’s always room for more! Join it for exclusive updates and to be the first to know when it launches.

In Summary

We are constantly striving to create products and experiences that delight our customers while staying true to our values. Thank you to everyone who has been on this journey with us – all of our customers, employees, advisors, and partners. We realize that growing companies and delivering products is a team sport, and we appreciate your shared commitment to our goal: Helping auto recon professionals grow their businesses. On to 2020!

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