If your office is still flooded with loose papers, it’s time for an upgrade. With the Mobile Tech RX app, we guarantee better workflow from start to finish. No more pen and paper. Avoid the risk of losing estimates and invoices. Fully integrated with every feature you need, our app will become your portable, virtual assistant. Work faster and earn more with every job.

Estimate With Ease

Improved workflow with Mobile Tech RX begins with creating an estimate. With the scheduling feature, you can create an estimate as you schedule an appointment. Settings make it easy to select standard pricing through the administrative portal. This includes hourly labor rate; you can quickly estimate the cost of labor based on time needed to complete repairs. If you work with both retail and dealerships, default rates can be made for each type of client. 

Features like the PDR matrix make sure that you earn exactly what you should. In fact, customers have seen a growth in income since using the PDR matrix. X-ray photos help identify accessibility of a dent, which may increase the cost of labor. A sliding scale helps adjust the percentage for these upcharges so you don’t have to guess. 

We know that math wasn’t everybody’s best subject in grade school. Well, Mobile Tech RX will do the math for you! As you add services to an estimate, the total cost will automatically be calculated. Avoid losing money from a simple addition error.

We make it easy from the start by allowing you to scan the VIN with your phone. From here the car’s make, year, and model will automatically be generated.

Auto Reconditioning

Work Orders That Work Jointly

The scheduling feature allows you to plan and execute everything you need within one app. There’s room for customization, but is also ready to use straight out of the box. No need to jump between the app and a separate calendar – we’ve included one along with our scheduling feature. 

After you’ve created your estimate, you’ll need to create a work order. Our scheduling feature makes the entire flow smoother and completely synced. You have the ability to schedule appointments, send reminders, assign technicians to tasks, and make transactions all in one place. 

The calendar within schedule will be your new best friend. The different views include a daily and monthly calendar, as well as a daily agenda. Each technician will have their own color so you don’t get confused. The calendar will show which technicians are available to make assigning work orders easy. Technicians will have their own log in to the app where they can see what they have been scheduled.

Mobile Tech RX Workflow Reporting

Invoices That Are Highly Integrated 

Once the work order has been completed, it’s time for an invoice. You can text customers from the calendar to update them on their car’s status. You can also save customers and cars to reference later.

If you work with dealerships, we make batch invoices easy. We allow you to add multiple invoices under the same customer. If you’re working with set rates per car, the invoice will automatically show the price you’ve chosen for that dealership. Open invoices can be edited and added to as needed. 

You can collect payment through the app, a card reader or over email. The app makes it easy to email invoices to customers, regardless of payment method.  Integration with QuickBooks makes accounting easy, and eliminates the need to use separate tools outside of the app. We want you to be open with your business, which is why we have transparent fees for credit card transactions. Our goal is to help your business run smoother while making more money.

Mobile Tech RX will take the thinking out of workflow and collaboration. We have everything you need to coordinate customers and employees, all on one interface.

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