It’s crucial that your motorcycle detailing prices are reflective of the work involved. While motorcycles are smaller than other vehicles and they don’t have interiors to clean, it doesn’t mean detailing them is easy. Motorcycle detailing requires intricate and labor intensive work to restore it to like-new condition. 

Motorcycle detailing is done almost entirely by hand. It typically takes between four and eight hours to detail a motorcycle

Most businesses will set their motorcycle detailing prices at one standardized rate, regardless of the type or size of bike. And average motorcycle detailing prices start at around $150.

Many of the skills and products required for motorcycle detailing are also used for car detailing as well. It’s for this reason that many detailing businesses will offer services for cars and motorcycles. However, to ensure that you’re maximizing your profits, you should be creating a separate strategy for your motorcycle detailing prices.

Like any type of detailing, there are a number of variables that should be factored into your motorcycle detailing prices. Keep reading to learn how to set your motorcycle detailing prices, so that you’re charging the right amount for your time. 

The Problem with Set Motorcycle Detailing Prices

One of the biggest challenges when setting your motorcycle detailing prices is charging the right amount for the work required. Many detailers offer one standardized price package. But there’s a problem with that – it doesn’t account for the variables that affect your time. That means you could be undercharging for your time and the work required to restore it to like-new condition.

There are many different types and styles of motorcycles, which will directly impact how much time the job will take. And that’s not to mention the condition of the motorcycle when it comes into your shop. Factors like the bike’s cleanliness, how often it’s used, and when it was last detailed all come into play.

When setting your motorcycle detailing prices, you should think about all of the variables it will take to get the bike back to looking like new. 

This is where variable-based pricing comes in. If you start using variable-based pricing, you’ll start charging what your time is actually worth. 

Create a Motorcycle Detailing Pricing Strategy

Create a pricing strategy and be prepared to create estimates for any job. We recommend you start with one or two packages and then charge more for add-ons that require extra time.

Here are some variables to consider when setting your motorcycle detailing prices:

  • Type of motorcycle. It’s important to think about the type of motorcycle and how it may affect the time it will take you to detail it. For example, a chopper will have more chrome work, but may not require as much cleaning as a dirt bike.
  • Level of Cleanliness. A motorcycle that’s been regularly maintained will take less work and time than a bike that hasn’t been cleaned in months or years. How the bike is used (i.e. a competitive enduro bike compared to a cruiser) will also impact how much cleaning is required.
  • Amount of chrome. A cruiser or chopper, epitomized by Harley Davidson, will typically have more chrome than other bikes. And more chrome takes more of your time to hand polish and wax.
  • Type of seat. A leather seat can be cleaned, conditioned, and protected, which will take more work.
  • Level of Oxidation and/or Sun Damage. If it’s heavily oxidized and sun-faded, the bike will need to be buffed with a specialist compound. There are also specialist products that can be used to revive any faded black rubber.
  • Bugs and Tar Removal. Depending on the motorcycle’s condition, you might add on the cost of bug and tar removal.
  • Scratches or damage. Any scratches or small damage may be buffed away as part of the detailing service, but will have to be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Charge higher prices for your detailing business.

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Take the time to create flexible packages and list your add-ons to ensure you’re making the most from every job.

Set an Hourly Labor Rate for Yourself

In addition to the type and condition of the motorcycle, the other variable to consider is your time. That’s because, like any detailing job that involves work by hand, your motorcycle detailing prices should factor in the value of your time. 

Set an hourly rate for yourself. Be sure to consider your location, competition, and level of experience. An hourly rate is a great tool for pricing the motorcycle detailing variables and add-ons. If you also detail cars, you can use the same hourly rate.

Take Advantage of Technology

When it comes to your motorcycle detailing prices, there are many variables to consider, and it can be difficult to keep track of them all. Technology can help you charge the right amount and maintain consistency every time. By using a detailing app like Mobile Tech RX, you can ensure accurate and consistent estimates every time.

Technology not only makes you look more professional, but it also makes your life simpler.  

With Mobile Tech RX, you enter your packages and what they cost as templates in your account. Then when you go to estimate a vehicle, your first step is to choose the package that’s best for the job. To account for variables and add-ons, you enter your hourly labor rate. When you go through an estimate with your customer,  you can choose the package and any add-ons to price the job on the spot. 

You can choose to charge your additional service variables by the hour or at a flat rate. (So chrome polishing could be charged by the hour and a leather seat treatment might be a flat rate.)

By setting these parameters at the beginning, you’re not trying to calculate complex variables under pressure. Using an app like Mobile Tech RX helps you validate your motorcycle detailing prices. By providing legitimacy to your quotes and estimates using technology, you can cut out negotiations with your customer. And that means you save your valuable time and get the highest price for every job.

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