He drives a nice truck, he’s well-dressed, looks happy… and is often heading to or on his way back from the golf course… I need to find out more about this PDR stuff.
- Rey Sapnu, 25 years ago

A few decades ago, Rey was working at a car dealership in Arizona. He wasn’t always into cars, but he had just graduated college and his buddy got him a job doing windshield installations. 

Rey wasn’t certain about what he wanted to do with his life, but he was certain he wanted to be successful and professional, and did not want to work behind a desk. It was then he started paying a little more attention to the PDR tech at the dealership… “He drives a nice truck, he’s well-dressed, looks happy… and is often heading to or on his way back from the golf course… I need to find out more about this PDR stuff,”  he thought to himself.

Rey’s life changed forever when his boss took a chance on him and sent him to a month-long dent school. When Rey returned, the path he saw for his future was much clearer. 

After working at DentPro in Phoenix for 10 years, Rey decided to move back to his hometown of Chicago to start his own PDR business, Precision Dent Removal.  Next, Rey looked to Mobile Tech RX in order to build his business with precision and professionalism. (Remember when Rey said he was certain he wanted to be successful and professional.)

One-Stop-Shop for Paintless Dent Repair in Chicago

Precision Dent Removal first opened its doors a little over 20 years ago. Rey does most of the work himself and has two techs that work with him in the shop as needed. 

Rey prides himself in the honest relationships he builds with his customers. Rey believes that the Mobile Tech RX business platform is an essential factor in that equation. “Personally, as a consumer, I would rather take my vehicle to someone like me. Even if it costs a little bit more…it really comes down to the trust factor. I mean I’d probably be thinking, I trust this guy is going to take care of me, he knows what he’s talking about, and he’s using a professional system.

Using the Paul Kordon Pricing Guide to Price Dents

When Rey began using the Mobile Tech RX PDR app, it was strictly to help him with hail estimates, “I started using Mobile Tech RX back when I was chasing hail. That’s where the Paul Kordon pricing matrix made it really simple. You had all the insurance matrices, so it was cut and dry. It was all right there.”

As the Mobile Tech RX app evolved, so did Precision Dent Removal and how Rey did business. Rey was grateful to have Mobile Tech RX, especially as he started growing his business and serving more customers. He knew it was important to stay organized while still providing quality work so he could continue to grow. “As a retail shop owner, it’s helped because now I don’t just throw numbers out there. I price accordingly using Mobile Tech RX and the Paul Kordon matrix. It’s just easier. So life before… well it was a guessing game, more or less.”

If used correctly, Mobile Tech RX is not only an awesome system; it’s a tool. It’s literally a tool. If you use it correctly you can seriously maximize your income. Without it, you’re just treading water.”

Client Image
Rey Sapnu
Precision Dent Removal

After talking with Rey for just a few minutes, it was obvious that he had both great character and smart business acumen. He really knows his stuff and he’s passionate about the work that he does, and he’s happy.

Oh, and we don’t want to forget to mention, he drives a nice truck, dresses well and gets to play golf whenever he wants. 😊

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