High usability workflow, built-in tools, and customer satisfaction with Mobile Tech RX will take your business to the next level. Accept payment in the same app you use to schedule appointments, build estimates and manage employee pay. Get your cash quickly with the app that does it all.

Estimates To Help You Earn

If there’s one thing Mobile Tech RX does best, it’s workflow and integration. We provide everything your business needs in one app. Checking in customers has never been easier. When a vehicle  arrives at the shop, scan the VIN to automatically upload the vehicle’s details. Your customer will love seeing how quickly the make, model, and year appear. They’ll also see a picture of their car, further setting you apart from your competitors.

From here, you can begin your estimate. Adjust company rates in the administrative portal to make estimates in no time. Adjustable rates include:

  • Labor rates for:
    • R&I
    • Paint
    • Body
    • Detail
  • Paint material rate
  • Discount rates when applicable
  • Specific rates for each repair service industry

Whether you work in PDR, PPF, wheel repair, or detailing, there’s adjustable rates for you. For example, with wheel repair you can set rates for everything from hubcap repair, mounting and balancing, paint calipers, and cosmetic repair. This will make creating estimates quicker while ensuring you get paid what you deserve.

Calculating an estimate in moments will have you looking more professional and gain your customers trust. You can also take pictures of previous damage when the car arrives. If a customer thinks something happened to their car while in the shop, you’ll have photo evidence with time stamps.

Once you’ve created your estimate, create a work order and assign tasks to technicians in the same app. At this time, you can also get your customers signature straight from your phone or tablet.

Quick Cash with Stripe

Once the car is fully repaired, it’s time to close the invoice. Mobile Tech RX works with Stripe Connect so you can use a Bluetooth card reader to collect payment anywhere. You’ll be prompted to provide bank account and routing numbers when you apply to use Mobile Tech RX payments. Once you’re approved, your bank account will automatically be connected. Money will go straight to your account instead of waiting in an app like Square.

Using the card reader isn’t the only payment option. Manually enter the card number in person or collect payment via email. We want to be transparent with you, which is why there are no hidden credit card rates.

  • Payments via card reader are 2.7% +10c
  • Payments via online (email) are 2.9% +30c
  • Payments made manually are 3.5% + 30c

These fees help us cover the costs of protecting you from fraud. We streamline the payment process while protecting you from losing money. With Stripe Connect, you’ll get your money quickly instead of it being held hostage by Square.

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Integration with Quickbooks to Streamline Payment Process

Not only are payments made easier through the app, integration with Quickbooks makes accounting more manageable. We weren’t lying when we said we provide everything you need in one app. Many business owners either hire a professional accountant or stress to manage it themselves. With Quickbooks, all of your invoices and reports will automatically be integrated within the app, allowing everything to flow smoothly. 

Quickbooks has many great features, including the ability to upload images of receipts. Attach pictures to bank transactions as you go to stay organized for tax season. Avoid forgetting to write off business costs by having receipts prepared and organized. With Quickbooks you can easily review past income, track your spending, and report past profits. Using past data you can create a forecast to predict what will happen in the future. Manage what’s in front of you and ahead of you with Quickbooks integration.

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Mobile Tech RX will help you streamline your payment process for a smoother running business. You’ll love how quickly you can go from new customer to closed invoice. Receive money in minutes with a Bluetooth card reader. Then, use Quickbooks to account for all your income and expenses. 

Your customers will love how efficient your business is. You’ll be different from your competitors who still write paper estimates and invoices. They’ll trust estimates calculated in the app, because they’ll see exactly what goes into the price. Never leave money behind with Mobile Tech RX’s all-in-one app.

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