Operating a business within a competitive market requires you to stay on top of trends to meet consumer needs. In the digital age, more businesses are ditching paper estimates and invoices for digital ones. With Mobile Tech RX, it doesn’t end with invoices. Our app provides everything your auto reconditioning business needs in every level of operation.

Providing quick, professional service, accurate estimates and invoices, and maintaining customer relationships is integral to your success. Using technology to your advantage can help you achieve all of the above.

Schedule Synchronously

Gone are the days of paper calendars and searching for calendar integrations to combine multiple online schedules. The scheduling feature provides an overview of appointments, services, and employee schedules. With an online calendar, you can easily share insight with all of your technicians, your clients, and even subcontractors.

Automate Client Workflow

With Mobile Tech RX, you can send your customers a great first impression before their car is even serviced. Send automated alerts such as appointment reminders, service follow-ups, and promotion announcements. They will appreciate the professionalism and you can relax knowing the app has it handled.

Using outdated spreadsheets or CRM platforms that don’t integrate with the rest of your business can become time-consuming and tedious. The app stores all the client information you need in one place – from contact information, to service history, and more.

The app also helps your technicians remember specific details about a customer’s service history by using internal notes. Remembering unique information about your customers will provide a better experience and result in higher retention rates. The notes are stored on the app under customer details. You’ll never have to worry about losing a physical note or having trouble accessing a digital file.

Perfect Pricing

Setting the right prices is one of the most obvious ways to earn more revenue while maintaining the trust of your customers. When you use technology to set pricing, you’ll be able to create accurate estimates everytime. Plus, customers and insurance companies alike will trust the details of the estimate.

Quick & Easy Payment Processing

Taking payments has never been easier than it is with Mobile Tech RX. We partner with Stripe for quick and easy payment processing, making it simple to pay your employees on time – every time. Plus, integration with Quickbooks makes recording payments much more efficient.

Built-in Accounting

The Mobile Tech RX app has an integration with Quickbooks to make accounting far more manageable. All of your invoices and reports will automatically sync within the app allowing for quicker, more streamlined accounting. You will never have to hire a professional accountant again.

Some of the advantages of Quickbooks include:

  • Ability to upload images of receipts
  • Option to attach pictures to bank transactions
  • Easily review past income, track spending, and report past profits.

With a built-in accounting tool, you’ll be able to use data to forecast future sales and expenses. Photo attachments help keep you prepared and organized for tax season.

Drive Revenue With Reports & Analytics

Analytics dashboards allow you to track your business profits in real-time. See what parts of your business are driving revenue and which parts are slowing you down. With pre-built reports, you can find all the information you need in one click – no need to run multiple reports!

Multiple Marketing Tools

Automated messages and the built in CRM tool make keeping in touch with customers easy. Drive repeat business by informing customers about promotions. Follow up with customers and suggest additional services based on their internal notes.

The app also includes a feature to help you photograph vehicles when they arrive at the shop. This helps you prevent misunderstandings and provide documentation for the service. Vehicle documentation also helps you share previous work on your website and social media. Use before and after photos to show credibility and to attract customers.

The reports and analytics features help track marketing efforts to make sure they are benefiting your business. Take ads, for example. If you target specific car makes, you can reference the types of vehicles serviced in a given time period. Comparing the month before, during, and after running an ad for that make can help you measure ad efficacy.

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Using technology to your advantage is the easiest way to become more organized, efficient, and professional. With the leading app for auto recon, you can find every tool your business needs in one place. By operating your business digitally, you’ll be able to earn more while earning respect in your industry.

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