Four wheelers are made to get messy – setting recon prices shouldn’t be. The best thing you can do for your auto-recon business is create variable-based pricing. This ensures you’re never leaving money on the table, and customers understand exactly what they’re paying for. Regardless of what service you provide, the Mobile-Tech RX app will make creating estimates easier than ever.  We’ll help you get more customers through your shop, at higher prices, with a better satisfaction rate. Whatever your business, four wheeler owners are sure to choose you next time they need service.

Detailing Prices

Four wheelers are smaller and have less intricate cracks and crevices compared to a regular vehicle. However, this doesn’t mean they’re easier to detail. Typically, a thick foam spray is used to remove caked on debris and hard mud. Four Wheelers should be detailed about twice a year to prevent permanent damage.

Detailing shops often charge a flat rate, but this doesn’t account for the condition of each vehicle. How often the four wheeler is used, and how often it gets detailed, will affect the labor required for detailing. We recommend variable pricing based on these factors:

  • Level of cleanliness. How often the four wheeler is used and in what conditions will affect cleanliness. Additionally, whether the four wheeler gets routine maintenance will impact how much cleaning is required.
  • Scratches or damage. Minor scratches and damage can be buffed away. This will vary depending on severity.
  • Insect removal. Depending on the four wheeler’s condition, an additional cost for insect removal may be necessary.
  • Oxidation, sun damage and ocean air. If the four wheeler is heavily oxidized, sun-faded, or corroded it will require a specialized buffing compound. This applies to paint and rubber components.
  • R&I. If parts of the four wheeler need to be removed and reinstalled for detailing, this may result in additional cost.

The Mobile Tech RX app makes it easy to set prices for each variable. Set rates for each variable in the portal. When creating a new estimate, all you have to do is check the boxes and the total will automatically calculate.

Four Wheeler Recon

PPF Prices

From rocks and branches, to dust and debris, to corrosive elements, four wheelers face nature full force. Protective paint film is the invisible shield to protect the finish from all these challenges. Through the Mobile Tech RX app you can select protective film packages like:

  • Partial front
  • Full front
  • Track package
  • Full service film

In addition to pre-priced packages, you can charge for additional variables like headlight and windshield film. This can be created as a set rate or by using a slider to adjust as needed. Simply select a package, check off additional boxes like headlights and windshield, and the total will automatically update. Less guesswork, more accuracy.

PDR Prices

Dents are not uncommon in four wheelers, since they frequently face harsh conditions. With the Mobile Tech RX PDR app, a PDR matrix will help estimate the cost quickly and accurately. The matrix uses the location of dents to determine pricing. The app also features an x-ray camera to identify areas that may be harder to reach. These typically result in an upcharge, since parts of the four wheeler will need to be removed and reinstalled.

Four Wheeler Wheel

Wheel and Rim Repair Prices

It goes without saying, the wheels and rims on a four wheeler can easily get beat up. Creating an estimate for wheel and rim repair is easy. All you have to do is select the vehicle type, which wheel needs work, and what the issue is. The price to repair each issue will already have been set in the administrative portal. Variable pricing can be set for:

  • Wheel and rim size. Smaller wheels will cost less than larger wheel repairs.
  • Type of metal. Most vehicles and four wheelers have alloy wheels made of aluminum, magnesium or a mixture of both. Some may have steel wheels which not all repair shops will fix.
  • Cosmetic damage. Scrapes and scratches will need to be smoothed out and wheels will be repainted.
  • Bent wheels. Dents will be hammered back to their original shape. Costs will be higher if the wheel needs new paint or finish.
  • Cracked rims. Cracked rims are the hardest type of damage to repair. Cracks need to be welded, shaped, and smoothed out, and likely repainted and refinished.

When creating estimates with the above variables, there’s no risk of earning less than you deserve. Mobile Tech Rx takes the thinking out of it.

Variable-Based Pricing — A Recipe For Success

Overall, the best way to make the money you deserve is through variable based pricing. Mobile Tech RX makes this easier than ever. Enter the cost of packages and variables as templates in your account. When creating an estimate, you’ll no longer have to calculate costs under pressure. Mobile Tech RX will calculate it for you. Look more professional, and earn more for your four wheeler recon business with our app.

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