Since 2015, Mobile Tech RX’s platform has been helping auto reconditioning businesses all over the world streamline their services. With features like VIN scanning, automated SMS and email alerts, Quickbooks integration, a real-time analytics dashboard, and much more, there are countless ways that Mobile Tech RX can assist technicians and owners of auto recon businesses in providing high-level services to their customers.

Mobile Tech RX App

Workflow Tools that Maximize Efficiency


Gain insight into your jobs, the way you want to – by day, week, or month. An overhead view of your customer appointments, services, and employee schedules increases productivity and adds visibility to your workflow. Gone are the days of fiddling with calendar integrations to combine multiple calendars – Mobile Tech RX provides one solution.

VIN Scanning

Checking in a new customer is as easy as scanning their VIN number. The platform fills in the rest of the information for you, right at your fingertips.

Estimates & Invoices

Mobile Tech RX’s Perfect Estimates and built-in pricing calculator help you create accurate estimates seconds after checking in a customer. Overcharging customers, just like undercharging, can hurt your business in the future. With Mobile Tech RX, you can say goodbye to leaving money on the table.


There are some jobs that require multiple technicians to solve the issue at hand. In fact, Mobile Tech RX makes keeping track of collaborative jobs easier than ever. There are additional integrations, such as checklists and shared packages, if you work with partner companies often.

Digital Workflow Tools

Increase Customer Retention with Marketing

Customer Database

Keeping track of customers with outdated spreadsheets and CRM platforms that don’t integrate can become confusing and difficult. With Mobile Tech RX, store contact information, service history, and more for every client, all in one place.

Automated SMS & Email Alerts

Automating alerts for your customers create a heightened sense of professionalism, adding value to your business. Customers will appreciate reminders of appointments, follow-ups on repeat services, and even announcements about any current promotions you are running.

Before & After Photos

Having physical proof in the form of before and after photos shows customers that you are proud of your work. Furthermore, they will feel informed when making the decision to work with your company when shown proof of your expertise.

Mobile Tech RX Reviews

Track & Improve Overall Customer Experience

Damage Documentation

Saving time stamped photos of the customer’s vehicle before any services are performed protects you. Additionally, it serves as proof that you performed your job correctly without causing any additional damage to the car.

Customer Recordkeeping

In addition to CRM integration, Mobile Tech RX allows your technicians to remember specifics about every customer with internal notes. All customer notes can be referenced later, allowing you to remember unique information and provide a better customer experience.

Review Gathering

The best way to retain old customers and attract new ones is having a lot of positive reviews from previous services. People tend to trust word of mouth more than traditional marketing. Mobile Tech RX’s automated text messages are a great call to action to gain reviews.

Mobile Tech RX Finance Tools

Finance & Reporting Tools

Payment Processing for Customers & Employees

Taking payments from customers and ensuring your employees get paid on time is easier than ever with Mobile Tech RX. Whether you are taking card payments through the app or over email, you are guaranteed quick and easy payment processing. Pay employees on time, every time, whether they are hourly, commissioned, or flat rate. Plus, easy, one-click integration with Quickbooks increases the efficiency of your processes even more.

Dashboards & Reporting

Analytics dashboards allow you to track your business profits in real-time. See what parts of your business are driving revenue and which parts are slowing you down. Pre-built reports means one click and you’ve got all of the information right in front of you – no need to run multiple reports!

With all of these features and much more, there is no question that Mobile Tech RX is full of useful features that can propel your auto reconditioning business forward.

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