We understand the challenge of setting prices for truck recon. Too high and you may lose customers, but too low and your business is losing money. You may question whether your business is pricing what the rest of your state or country is charging. We have some tools and tactics to help set your prices for higher profit without losing business.

Variable Pricing for Truck Recon — Earn What You Deserve

If you’re charging standard prices for vehicles that have different repair needs, then you’re definitely losing money. Take advantage of variable pricing to earn what you deserve, and help customers understand your pricing. Regardless of what you specialize in, variable pricing can help you.

Detailing companies often allow customers to choose certain packages like basic or premium. However, this doesn’t account for the condition of each vehicle. One truck may come in regularly. The other may be a family with young children that just got back from the beach. Don’t lose money on the truck that took three times as much work. Charge based on variables like:

  • Dirt level
  • Paint oxidation
  • Pet hair
  • Need to disassemble parts
  • Stains 

For paint correction businesses, consider the truck’s exterior condition when deciding a price. The stage of a vehicle’s paint will dramatically change the time needed for repair. 

  • Stage 1 Paint Correction takes about 4 hours on average. It is used for paint in pretty good condition.
  • Stage 2 Paint Correction can take about 8 hours on average. It is used on vehicles with some swirl marks and/or light scratches. 
  • Stage 3 Paint Correction can take up to 12 hours to complete and is used for vehicles with heavy damage.

Just like paint correction, car wrapping businesses will want to consider similar factors as a paint correction business. The size and condition of the vehicle will determine the price as well as:

  • Wrap coverage: Full wrap vs partial wrap on a tailgate.
  • The type and quality of the wrap: Some wraps are longer lasting and therefore more expensive.

Your customers will understand why they are being charged extra. They’ll trust you, and you won’t be leaving money on the table.


Truck Recon Estimating Tools With MTRX

The tips above may help you earn more, but our app will make it even easier. We have features designed for each kind of auto recon business. Set standard prices for certain services, or adjust as you go. Separate retail and dealership customers for quicker pricing.

If you work in PDR, we have a hail matrix feature for you. With a wide selection of  pre-loaded hail matrices, you can create PDR estimates in half the time. You also won’t be guessing your accuracy.

Set standard prices for things like hourly rate. This will automatically be calculated in the total cost of a repair. A slider allows you to adjust the labor rate for variable upcharges so you can pay technicians what they’re worth. 

You can also set prices for different kinds of clients. Group your clients by retail or dealerships, and set default rates. This will make estimates much quicker. It also makes it easier for batch orders when working with dealerships.

If you work in detailing, calculating paint correction is a piece of cake. The app uses hourly labor rate and paint correction stage to calculate a fair price. 

Stop switching between digital programs and messy paperwork. We’ve got everything you need to get the perfect price right in our app. Your customers won’t question how you came up with a price. Mobile Tech RX will help you look more professional.

set prices for truck recon

Track Pricing Success

Mobile Tech RX will help you set prices but we’ll also help you track them. With reports and analytics, you don’t even need to leave the app to track progress. Integration with quickbooks also makes accounting a breeze.

Service reports will show how much money you’ve produced for each service. If you provide multiple services, you’ll easily see which service is most profitable. Services are divided into icons for easily accessible information. It also helps identify unexpected yet important sources of revenue.

Using the timeline feature, get an accurate understanding of how long services are taking. This includes estimates and work orders. Customers will love your ability to determine how much time their repair will take. You’re charging what you’re worth without wasting customers time. They’ll love you for this

With our app you’ll be able to create quicker, more accurate estimates, and track your progress. Earn what you’re worth with every repair. People who use our app have already earned more money. Their customers appreciate their accuracy and trust their prices.  Never guess again with Mobile Tech RX.

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