PDR, also known as Paintless Dent Removal or Paintless Dent Repair, is a method used to repair minor dents. It does not involve any paint or fillers, yet restores a vehicle to like-new condition. PDR is more efficient and less costly than a traditional repair.

It’s a great solution to minor dents, dings, body creases, and hail damage. If the paintwork of the vehicle is intact, PDR is typically the best option. Combining PDR and traditional repair may be necessary if the paint is damaged or the dent is too deep. Offering a PDR service means you’ll never be short of business, and you’ll make a huge profit.

How Does PDR Work?

Technicians use tools such as body picks and metal rods to push the dent out from the outside. Slow pressure is gently applied to restore the exterior to its original condition. PDR, though it may sound simple, is a honed craft that requires training. This is because an unskilled technician can easily push the dent too hard, causing it to bulge outward.

PDR services can fall under a few business models including Retail PDR, Dealership PDR, and Hail. Some businesses will perform services for all three while others may specialize in one.

All Hail the Paintless Dent Repair

PDR can be a very profitable service where hailstorms are common. If you’re considering offering PDR, you may want to locate your business somewhere in “Hail Alley”. This is the region between Nebraska, Colorado, and Wyoming. More generally, hail occurs the most in the middle regions of the U.S. The hail season usually runs from March through October, making these months potentially busier.

The great news is, you don’t need hail to make a profit in PDR. Customers come in all the time for other small dents. Conventional dent repair is achieved through working the metal, filling the dent, sanding, and then painstakingly re-painting and blending. For small dents, PDR is the best alternative over traditional repair methods. Dents happen all the time. Even if hail isn’t your customers main pain point, they’ll usually choose PDR over traditional repair.

Partner with Dealerships for Consistent Clients

Dealerships keep hundreds of cars in their lot, all of which are subject to minor dents. Many dealerships will partner with PDR companies to maintain the cars in their lot. With Mobile Tech RX, it’s easy to set flat rates for dealerships, separate from your retail rates. This helps you and the dealership by making estimates, invoices, and the payment process accurate and consistent.

The Quicker Way to Dent Repair

PDR is a much quicker process than traditional dent repair. Typically PDR shops will offer same-day services, as it only takes a few hours. Larger repairs, like hail damage to the hood of a car, can take a few days. Because PDR is a faster alternative to traditional, your business can service more vehicles in a given period.

When you use Mobile Tech RX, your efficiency will increase tenfold. Everything from scanning the car’s VIN, creating estimates, and collecting payment run smoothly with the app. The more vehicles you service, the more money you make. It’s a win-win for you and your customers.

Customers Spend Less, You Make More

Customers are usually more interested in PDR when they see the hefty price that comes with traditional dent repair. Traditional dent repair involves painting, blending adjacent panels, removing the trim, and baking the paint. Because this takes more time and attention from technicians, it’s easy to understand where the price tag comes from. PDR can fix the same small dent at a fraction of the cost of traditional dent repair. More customers are willing to pay for PDR, which means you’ll earn a high profit.

A Minimally Invasive, Long-Lasting Service

Unlike traditional dent repair, PDR is minimally invasive to the car’s body. There is no sanding, repainting or replacing body panels involved with PDR. This means the factory finish of your car is untouched.

Traditional repairs are vulnerable to deterioration, discoloration, and reappearance if the filling material becomes dislodged. Since PDR removes dents without affecting the paint, it’s more durable and unlikely to experience these vulnerabilities.

PDR is Environmentally Friendly

Automotive paints use solvents like urethane, lacquer, and enamel that can be harmful to the environment. There is no paint involved in PDR so these solvents won’t affect the environment during the process. It also involves less material overall, which helps to reduce waste (and the cost of business).

Say Goodbye to Insurance Counteroffers.

PDR is already preferred by insurance companies over traditional dent repair. Plus, insurance companies take Mobile Tech RX seriously. The estimates are accurate because they’re backed by tools like the PDR matrix and comparative pricing. Auto shop owners who use Mobile Tech RX never have to worry about insurance counteroffers.

Get Started With Mobile Tech RX

If you haven’t already considered offering PDR, we hope this article will change your mind. PDR does require training, but uses a minimal selection of tools. It has a low barrier to entry and earns a high profit. PDR is much more efficient than traditional dent repair, and customers recognize this. With Mobile Tech RX, you’ll have access to the best PDR estimating resources. You’ll even be able to schedule, check-in vehicles, and close estimates in a fraction of the time.

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