What’s Shaping the Wheel and Rim Repair Market

Unless you live in a city with a robust public transportation system, cars are an integral part of everyday life. With such a heavy reliance on automotive transportation comes an increase in accidents and other damages necessitating repairs. According to research conducted by AAA, American drivers spend an average of three billion dollars each year on vehicle repairs. 

The top three reasons cars get brought in for repairs are:

  • Blown tires 
  • Dented rims
  • Damaged wheels

Keeping up with these trends is crucial to best serve your customers and grow your business. This is especially true due to new technology for automotive design and manufacturing, as well as changing consumer preferences.

Below are some of the biggest wheel and rim repair industry trends. This means you stay up-to-date on what’s popular and keep your customers satisfied.

Wheel Rotation

How Consumer Behaviors Affect Wheel and Rim Repair

Vehicles are getting older

As the number of aging vehicles increases, demands for repairs will continue to increase as well. Older vehicles require more frequent maintenance and repairs, including to their wheels and rims. Be prepared to service older vehicles by training staff accordingly and keeping a variety of parts in stock.

Environmental laws are getting stricter

Stricter emissions requirements and increased environmental initiatives mean that automakers are demanding lighter and more efficient auto parts. What does that mean for you? Having these types of vehicle parts allows you to serve a wider range of customers. On the other hand, it also allows you to demonstrate your ability to understand consumer demands.

BMW Wheel

What’s the Deal with Wheels?

More Money, More Tires

Overall, in the U.S., per capita disposable income has continued to increase. This extra income means that people are replacing their tires more often. They can afford to do so on a regular basis, which eliminates the need to wait and avoid unnecessary spending.

Older, Wiser, and Well-Traveled

Total vehicle miles traveled and the average age of vehicles have both increased, meaning tires become worn down much faster. Thus, consumers are needing to replace old tires more frequently than before.

The Roadtrip Resurgence

Long distance driving activities, such as road trips, have increased since the COVID-19 pandemic. This can be attributed to the fact that many people have opted to drive long distances rather than fly. This large shift in travel method preference has also stimulated the demand for replacement tires.

Go Green or Go Home

Consumers have made a clear shift toward fuel-efficient and high-performance tires, driving the demand for premium tire products. Specialized tires command higher retail prices and also require more frequent replacement than normal tires, bolstering profit for auto tire retailers.

Wheel Trends

Ditch the Paper and Go Digital

Gone are the days of writing down information by hand and filing it away. This often leads to mishaps, such as a colleague misreading your handwriting, which hurts your ability to provide services. Using paper and pen for your business is slowing it down. Not to mention, it may indicate to customers that you aren’t up-to-date with the newest technology. For customers with newer cars, this could also cause them to lose trust in your business.

Wheel Repair

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