The windshield provides such a crucial level of safety for a vehicle and faces damage on the daily. At least half of the cars on the road have experienced some kind of damage to their windshield. This is part of what makes glass repairs so lucrative. However, an automotive technician can only be as good as the products they use. That’s why we partner with GlasWeld to help techs servicing glass repairs across the world. Together, we help technicians perform impeccable service – at the best price – in a fraction of the time.

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About GlasWeld

From windshield repairs, to scratch removal, to headlight restoration, GlasWeld helps you do it all. Everything GlasWeld does is driven by quality, which is why we choose to partner with them. They are continually dedicated to creating new and improved products, unlike other glass repair product companies. Stop using the same basic products and update your tool kit with GlasWeld.

Windshield Repair

The award-winning ProVac Zoom is the easiest and most advanced windshield repair injector. In windshield repair, an injector is used to remove air and fill the break with resin to seal cracks. Injectors vary in design and efficiency, but GlasWeld’s ProVac Zoom has been a favorite of technicians everywhere. This tool allows even beginners to achieve quality, professional results promptly. The product’s stainless steel body is highly durable and features a click-in mounting system to prevent over-tightening. Pair this with the self-leveling tripod stand, and the industry’s strongest vacuum, and you’ll quickly understand the hype.

GlasWeld also offers a curing product called the ProCur+ LED curing light, which fits perfectly over the ProVac Zoom tool. It cures resin in less than a minute and even has a built-in timer! The result of these two products is a complete solution that can be used by any mobile technician.

Scratch Removal

For professional scratch removal, GlasWeld’s Gforce Max is an auto tech’s best friend. The tool’s two-way rotation allows technicians to smooth both forward and backward. The power of the rotary action is adjustable, so you can apply as much or as little pressure as necessary. The result is a high-quality gloss finish that brings life back into windshields. The ergonomic grip is comfortable to use, and perfectly shaped for your hand. This  allows even novice technicians to control the tool’s direction, pressure, and speed with ease.


Headlight Restoration and Water Spot Removal

GlasWeld also offers products like GClear for headlight restoration and the proClean water spot remover for a sparkling finished product. They make each step of the headlight restoration process smoother and more valuable with their kits. GClear makes headlights look new in three easy steps: sand, coat, and cure. All of GlasWeld’s products are of the highest quality and come at a great price.

Training and Certification

With a wealth of experience in the automotive industry, their expertise is unmatched. GlasWeld offers training on many of their products, including videos on how to use ProVac Zoom for windshield repair. These training courses are 100% online, meaning you have access to a world of knowledge at any place, anytime. They currently offer certification on windshield repair, and soon they will also be offering certification for scratch removal.

GlasWeld’s business start-up guide is a helpful tool for beginners and long-time professionals. Fill out the form on the website for free access to this highly educational resource.

Next Level Customer Service

If you’re having trouble choosing the right products for your business, GlasWeld offers a quiz on their website. Since 1982, they have been focused on people-first service which helps lead them to create the newest and greatest products. Their company’s success is measured by the success of their customers, which sets them apart from other shops.

GlasWeld Windshield

Why Mobile Tech Rx Partners with GlasWeld

We created Mobile Tech RX because we’ve been in your shoes. We know how important it is to use the best product for the job. We partner with GlasWeld to provide you with their innovative products for glass repairs. They exceed customer expectations by helping automotive technicians determine which product will work best for them. Everything that Mobile Tech RX does is to help technicians across the world achieve quicker service and maximize profits. By choosing to work with Mobile Tech RX and GlasWeld, you are choosing products that wow customers with each service.

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