How can we help?

I can’t login to the app

  1. Do you have a Mobile Tech RX account? If not, you will need to go to and click on the “30 day free trial” button.
  2. Do you have the latest version of Mobile Tech RX installed? Please check the App Store for a Mobile Tech RX update to ensure your software is current.
  3.  Are you entering the correct username and password? Your username is the email address you entered when you created your free trial. Upon creating your free trial you were asked to enter in a company email and a user email. Your login username is the user email address you entered. If you need to reset your password, please click here.
  4. Are you connected to the internet? Please confirm you have a strong internet connection by opening up a web browser and going to a website you have not recently visited.
  5. Is your account active and current? Login to your admin portal and click on the “subscription” tab to confirm your account is in “active” status and that the payment method you have on file is valid.
  6. Are you still unable to login? Give us a call, 1-888-626-6750.

I forgot my password

You can reset your password by touching the “forgot password” link on the sign-in screen in the app, or on the admin portal sign-in page. You may also click here to reset your password.

How to I change my company/user email address?

Your company and user email addresses can be modified in your admin portal.

How to I add my company logo?

Your company logo can be added/edited from within your admin portal. Upon adding/editing your company logo, please log out of the app and back in for changes to take effect.

Whats the difference between a tech and a subcontractor?

A tech is an employee you add to your account. The email address you enter when adding a tech cannot be in the Mobile Tech RX database already. As the admin, you pay the subscription fees for any additional techs you add to your account.

A subcontractor already has their own Mobile Tech RX account. From the admin’s point of view, there is no additional cost to add subcontractors.

How do I add additional techs/subcontractors to my account?

Techs are added in the admin portal. Upon adding a tech email address, the tech will receive a welcome email prompting them to create their own password.

Subcontractors are added within the app from the “Settings” sidebar menu tab. The email address added in this screen must be tied to another Mobile Tech RX user in order to be added.

Admins can customize the rights and permissions of all of their techs and subcontractors from within their admin portal.

When estimating hail damage, why does it show $0,00 after selecting size/severity?

$0.00 is displayed anytime the size/severity results in an “off the matrix” calculation. At this point you can touch $0.00 and enter in your own price, or choose to mark the panel as conventional. The comparative pricing feature can be a great reference in this situation to get an idea of how much it would cost the bodyshop to repair/replace the panel.

My customer did not receive their email.

Did you receive your copy? 

If YES, then you can be assured their copy was sent as well. Ask your customer to check their spam folder and mark the email address “” as a safe sender. If your email is not found in their spam, then you will need to contact their IT department to have them manually remove the block from “”.

If NO, then please contact us or use the “Email from device” option.

How to I enable/disable comparative pricing?

Comparative Pricing allows you to view what it would cost a bodyshop to replace/repair a hail damaged panel. Included in this feature is the ability to view if a panel is made out of Aluminum or HSS. In addition you have access to helpful tech repair notes and X-Ray photos which display potentially priceless access photos.

To enable/disable this feature, you need to login to your admin portal. Once logged in, go to the “Techs and Subcontractors” tab on the left. Select the drop down menu next to the tech name and choose to enable/disable this feature. Comparative Pricing is an optional add-on at $35 per month, per user.

Why do I get an error message when syncing to Quickbooks Online?

The error message should provide helpful information as to why the sync was unsuccessful. Here are a few suggestions to troubleshoot potential issues on your own before contacting us:

  1. Do you have an active QB Online account? Confirm your Quickbooks account is active and paid up.
  2. Does the client info in Mobile Tech RX match the customer info in QB Online exactly? Check the client name in Mobile Tech RX with that in QB Online and ensure they match EXACTLY. The sync is case sensitive and character sensitive. For example: A.B. Dealership vs. Ab Dealership will cause errors. A.B. Dealership vs. AB Dealership will also cause errors.
  3. Does the invoice number you are trying to sync already exist in QB Online? The invoice you are trying to sync must be unique to any invoice number that already exists in QB Online. You can quickly search QB Online for invoices that exist with the same invoice number. if one does, then simply edit the invoice number in your Mobile Tech RX admin portal to a number beyond any used in QB Online.

If the above steps did not solve your issue, please contact us. 

How to I cancel/reactivate my account?

Cancellation and re-activation can be completed in your admin portal. Once logged in, visit the “Subscription” tab and either click “Cancel” or “Renew”. Upon canceling your account, you will have access to Mobile Tech RX until the end of your billing cycle.