Whether you offer one service or five, managing an auto reconditioning business is a lot to juggle. In a competitive industry like auto reconditioning, using the right resources can make or break your business. For ultimate success, take advantage of the app that manages everything your business needs in one place.

Here are 10 definitive reasons why Mobile Tech RX is the perfect solution for your business.

1: Improved Workflow

As an auto recon business owner, you have a lot on your plate. Mobile Tech RX improves the workflow from start to finish – maximizing results at every step. Start by scanning the VIN and the platform will automatically upload the rest of the information you need. Next, create an estimate, collect a signature in the app, schedule a work order, and assign it to a technician.

Go from scheduling an appointment to collecting payment in one app with an organized workflow. Your business’ efficiency will increase tenfold.

2: Increased Productivity with Scheduling

The first Scheduling app for auto recon has access to your customers, their cars, estimating tools, and text messages. With the scheduling tool you can:

  • Schedule an appointment
  • Start an estimate
  • Send appointment reminders
  • Assign employees to jobs
  • View customer appointments and employee schedules simultaneously
  • View by day, week, or month

It works seamlessly throughout the workflow process and provides visuals to keep you on track. Stop switching from one app for your calendar, another for estimates, and another to send a text. Mobile Tech RX does it all in one place with Scheduling.

3. Increased Appointment Hold Rate

In a modern world, your customers are busy, increasing the likelihood that they forget about their appointment. There’s no reason you should take valuable time out of your day to plan and send appointment reminders. Send automated text reminders from Scheduling to increase your hold rate. Use Scheduling as the base for customer communication and follow-up for repeat service.

4. Collaboration

With Collaboration, you can share visibility with your team. See every customer appointment and employee job in one view. See which service is being done and how busy you are at a glance. Stay on track with servicing shared between multiple technicians.

If you work with partner companies, additional integrations like checklists and shared packages make collaborating easy. Plus, adding subcontractors is easy with this tutorial.

5. Create Perfect Estimates

Mobile Tech RX’s built-in pricing calculator can help you create accurate estimates in seconds after checking in a customer.

Enter rates in the admin portal, and, as you enter damage or servicing details, the estimate will be automatically calculated. With Mobile Tech RX, you can say goodbye to leaving money on the table. Earn what you’re worth with perfect estimates.

6. Build a Transparent Reputation

Though undercharging customers can hurt your business, so can overcharging. With perfect estimates, you won’t leave money on the table, but you’ll also earn your customers’ trust. With estimates built by technology, you’ll look more professional and build a transparent reputation.

Avoid any misunderstandings by taking before photos of all of your cars with timestamps. This helps with communication with customers and insurance companies alike.

6. Boost Customer Retention

With a transparent reputation, improved workflow, and a built-in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, boosting customer retention is mindless buy tiktok followers. The efficiency of workflow and accuracy of estimates will encourage customers to return to your business.

You can also access your entire list of customers and prospects with our CRM. Save internal notes for any client to reference at a later date. This may include their auto servicing history as well as contact information for you to reach them.

Read this article for additional information on boosting client retention with the #1 auto recon app.

8. Payment Processing

Go from estimate to payment all in one place. Save time using one platform for the entire customer experience. Take credit card payments in person – through the app or with a card reader – or collect payment via email. The app makes it easy to send invoices and collect signatures straight from the estimate.

With built-in payment processing, there are no hidden fees and no withheld funds. Unlike Square, which holds 30% of your income hostage, we use Stripe – which delivers your money quickly and in full. And with evidence of repair, you can protect yourself from chargebacks.

9. Manage Finances

Stay on top of your revenue goals with the right tools. Choose from multiple ways to collect payments and set up your integration with QuickBooks in no time.

Review past income, track spending, set up payroll, and prepare for taxes through our quick and easy integration with QuickBooks.

10. Manage Finances

With Reports and Analytics, tracking your progress has never been easier. Build a custom graph to compare numbers side by side or identify cash flow by service. If you offer multiple services, this will help you identify your strongest source of income. With instant monthly averages, tech rank, and servicing metrics, you can easily see what’s driving revenue and what’s not.

Everything You Need – All in One App

The days of switching between paper and computer screens are over. Get everything you need in the #1 app for auto recon businesses. The app is built to take you from point A to Z, regardless of which service(s) you offer.

Earn more money while earning the trust of customers with improved workflow and perfect estimates. Measure the important things with Reports and Analytics that help you continue growing through data-driven decisions. Protect yourself from chargebacks with time stamped before and after documentation.

With a free trial period, there is not one reason you shouldn’t try Mobile Tech RX. Start using the leading app in auto recon today!

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