If you run an auto recon or auto repair shop, you know that it’s important to invest in the right tools to get your work done. One of the most important tools for growing your business is auto repair shop software. 

Running any business is a lot of work. And when you want to grow a business, you can’t waste any time, because lost time equals less revenue. What you need to grow your auto repair business is organization and efficient processes. This is where technology comes in. 

Auto repair shop management software is crucial to maintaining organization and ensuring you’re not wasting time on inefficient business admin. The right auto repair software helps you not only cut out paperwork, but it also helps you create professional invoices, make smarter business decisions, and earn more money. 

How do you find the best software for your automotive business? Any investment you make, whether it’s time or money, should help you maximize your profits and business potential. Read this article to learn how to choose the right technology and software that works for you.

What is auto repair shop management software?

Auto repair shop management software is technology designed to help auto repair businesses get rid of paper and run their businesses digitally. It equips business owners with digital tools to manage their day-to-day operations and plan ahead.

What features should I look for?

There are a few choices when it comes to auto repair shop software, but you should look for the features listed below.

Your software should:

  • Create high-value estimates, specific to your type of business
  • Generate professional and branded digital invoices
  • Store your customer and work history data
  • Track business metrics and generate reports
  • Help you manage your bookkeeping, using an integrated accounting software, like QuickBooks
  • Offer quick and easy marketing solutions, such as automated text reminders
  • Take credit card payments

The business management software from Mobile Tech RX does all the above and more. Try our app for free and see for yourself.

Who benefits from an auto repair shop software?

The truth is you, your team, and your customers are going to benefit from technology and software.

Business owners

In terms of managing your automotive business, utilizing software helps you consolidate all of your data – like customers, cars, estimates, work orders, invoices and bills, in one place. It makes it very easy to see everything happening in your business – and what’s going out and coming in –  in one glance.

You can also use reporting and analytics features to help you see how your business is doing at a high-level and a detailed view. Having this data within easy reach will help you make smart decisions and further cut inefficiencies. 

A huge part of growing your business requires you to be able to bring in more customers. Auto repair software should help you manage your customer list and run and measure marketing campaigns.


Business software doesn’t just benefit management. When you utilize technology and go digital, you can cut out the paperwork. This means your employees can focus on their technical automotive work, while the software can create estimates and generate invoices.


It’s no question that using technology makes you look more professional to your customers. In the end, the winner is your customer, who will appreciate the streamlined and efficient service that software can facilitate. They will appreciate the consistent estimating method and the professional invoices generated through your software. That means they’ll keep coming back. Win, win!

Why should I invest in auto repair shop management software?

There are three primary reasons to invest in auto repair shop management software. Increased professionalism, greater efficiency, and higher revenues.  There are a myriad of additional benefits depending on your specific business needs. Software can help you mitigate specific challenges and achieve your goals. 

How do I find the best auto repair shop management software for my business?

Now that you understand the benefits of shop management software for your business, it’s time to find the best. 

Step 1: Think about your specific workflow and needs.

To start, think about what your repair or recon workflow looks like, starting from when a customer walks into your shop. List out each step. For example:

  1. Customer drops off their car at your shop.
  2. You create an estimate and get their approval.
  3. You assign work out to technicians. 
  4. After work is completed, you create an invoice.
  5. The customer signs the invoice and you process their payment. 

Step 2: List Your Pain Points.

Now that you have your process, think about any pain points or inefficiencies you have. Then ask, could a business management software help you solve them? 

  1. Maybe you think you should be making more money. You want to raise prices and start charging a higher rate for your time. (Find software that helps you create high-value and variable-based estimates.)
  2. You want to make more informed business decisions. (Look for technology that provides analytics and data.)
  3. Perhaps you struggle with staying organized and maybe you lose your paper estimates and invoices.  (Find software that stores your estimates, invoices, and all information digitally.)

Step 3: Research Software Options.

Once you have compiled your lists, now you can start your research on what’s out there. Use your process and your pain points to guide your decision when looking at your options. Research the features each software offers and compare them to your list to ensure that the one you choose can address your needs. Some auto repair shop management software vendors may offer features that are not beneficial to your business. Try to remain focused on how your specific business could benefit from auto repair shop management software.

Step 4: Try Them Out.

Even after you’ve been through all of the above steps and you’ve found an auto repair shop management software you think will work best for you, try it first. Some apps offer an initial free trial, so that you can really experience the benefits before you invest. And there is really no better way to be certain about your decision.

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