Quick, Accurate Estimates for Your Wheel and Rim Repair Business

Just like any auto recon job, the estimation process for a wheel and rim repair business depends on the vehicle. There are several variables to consider when creating pricing for your work. These variables include wheel and rim size, metal type, and what the issue is. Multiple factors make it difficult to create an estimate on the spot.

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to wheel and rim repair. You need to diagnose the issue, then estimate the cost, and then finally perform the repair. Not only that, but you want to make sure your customers trust you with their vehicle when a new problem arises. Thanks to Mobile Tech RX’s businesses management platform, your wheel and rim repair business can improve in efficiency and in revenue.

Streamline Your Pricing with One Platform

Mobile Tech RX’s advanced pricing tool helps you work smarter and faster. You don’t need to use pen and paper anymore to estimate pricing and keep track of repairs. MTRX helps you create a professional estimate in seconds. All you have to do is select the vehicle type, which wheel needs work, what the issue is, and the price to repair for each issue. Mobile Tech RX automatically combines all of the different variables for you into one cohesive estimate. A Mobile Tech RX wheel and rim estimate is always clearly laid out for you, your techs, and your customers.

With Mobile Tech RX, you’ll no longer have to estimate the repair costs on a wheel and rim repair off the top of your head. Our auto recon tool creates estimates that are consistent from job to job.

Increase Profits by Moving More Quickly

Switching from paper to digital allows you to move more quickly. When you create estimates faster, you can move more customers through your shop than ever before.

Mobile Tech RX estimates are clear, detailed, and professional looking. Our platform was created specifically for auto recon so techs could command higher prices, impress customers with professionalism, and expand your repeat customer base.

With a higher revenue per job and more customers coming through the door, your profits will go through the roof.

Get More Repeat Customers with Text Message Marketing Automation

Automated text messaging

Sending text message alerts to customers helps increase awareness of your services, specials or any deals you have running. You can also send texts with any other news about your business that your client base should know. Automated text message marketing is included with Mobile Tech RX for Wheel and Rim Repair Businesses. You don’t have to worry about remembering to draft text messages and send them to every customer.

Quote Multiple Services With One Platform

The Mobile Tech RX platform isn’t only designed to allow for a faster quoting and payment process. It also saves you the trouble of needing to create multiple quotes for several services. You can include PDR work, paint touch-ups, window tinting, and detailing into the same estimate.

Customizing each repair option within the platform makes for not only a faster process, but a more accurate quote. We want to make your job easier, and for your customers to love your process!

Quickbooks Integration

Gone are the days of constantly downloading and uploading invoices or updating live spreadsheets to keep things straight in your system. Mobile Tech RX has a Quickbooks integration directly in the platform. Now you can streamline your invoicing process with a click of a button. When everything lives in one place, it is less likely that invoices and important client information gets misplaced or lost.

Mobile Tech RX is also available on Mac, as well as tablet and phone apps. That means you can quickly create invoices that result in an increase in revenue directly from any device.

Better Overall Customer Experience

auto repair shop

Having every part of the wheel and rim repair process streamlined on one easy-to-use platform, with any integration you may need, creates the perfect customer experience.

The Leading App for Wheel and Rim Repair Businesses

Have questions about Mobile Tech RX or the estimating process for wheel and rim repair? Feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to chat with you. 

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