This exciting integration allows Mobile Tech RX users to seamlessly connect their workflow with Dent Ops’ advanced estimating and claim management services, designed to simplify and maximize your insurance claims.

Dent Ops can help your PDR business…

  • Spend less time estimating: Dent Ops can find and fill in appropriate R&I, markups, replacement parts, OEM procedures, conventional operations, and more – Saving you 20+ minutes per MTRX estimate so you can focus more on repairs and less on paperwork.
  • Do less claim administration: Don’t waste your time emailing or waiting on hold with insurance to submit or follow up on claims. Dent Ops can save you 2+ hours of admin work per claim, with live updates and claim summaries through an easy-to-use online management portal.
  • Get faster claim approvals: Through a combination of insurance-preferred CCC One estimates and strategic claim management, Dent Ops can help you get claim approvals 3-5 days faster.
  • Earn higher claim payouts: Dent Ops helps increase your average claim payouts by $1,500 – $2,300+. Their scrubbing process identifies and includes every missing or hidden repair operation to capture any overlooked costs.

Hail, Retail, Body Shops, Dealerships, and More

Whether you’re dealing with hail damage, managing body shop partnerships, handling fleets, or fixing retail smashes and dings, Dent Ops’ integrated solutions are built to handle your business needs.

Dent Ops offers flexible, pay-as-you-go services, so you can use as much or as little as you need without being tied down to a subscription.

Guarantee Mode: Try Before You Buy with Dent Ops

As part of our new integration with Dent Ops, we’re excited to highlight a unique feature exclusively available through their service: Guarantee Mode. This try-before-you-buy option is a game changer in estimating services, offering unmatched flexibility and risk-free confidence.

Guarantee Mode allows you to receive and review results from any estimate without any upfront payment, and then decide if you want to keep the estimate or not. Here’s how it works:

  1. Preview Results: Dent Ops will use your Mobile Tech RX estimate and photos to write and scrub a full estimate in CCC, and then send you a snapshot of the results.
  2. Review and Decide: You review the estimate results at your convenience, and decide if the added value is worth the cost. There’s no rush – you can take a day, week, or even a month+ to review and decide!
  3. Approve or Reject: If the results meet your expectations and align with your business goals, you can choose to accept the full estimate – at which point Dent Ops will process your payment and release the complete files. If you decide not to proceed for any reason, no worries – there’s no cost involved.

Guarantee Mode ensures that you only commit financially when you are confident in the value provided by the estimate. It’s a perfect example of Dent Ops’ commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction, ensuring you have all the necessary information to make an informed decision without any risk.

This feature exemplifies the trust Dent Ops places in the quality of their work and aligns perfectly with our mission at Mobile Tech RX to provide you with the best tools to streamline your business and boost profitability.

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